Is Blogging Dead (2023 Review)

Is Blogging Dead (2023 Review)

Is blogging dead? No. Absolutely not. Let's face it. The majority of us have been taught to work hard for money and not hard to make money work hard for us. One of the best ways to generate income and actually use leverage is to start your own blog.

No, it most certainly is not easy and don't expect it to be. There are some people who are seeking how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours for a reason. They expect quick results. You will not get quick results as a blogger but you can do things to set yourself up for success.

The goal with this website is to provide you tools and methods to start using leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less. I operate my websites through Siteground. You can get your hosting and a free website from them for just $3.95 USD per month.

Is Blogging DEad in 2023?

There are nearly 2 billion website online today and about 155 million of those are blogs. Google, the largest search engine online today gets over 100 billion searches per month. An incredible amount of participation from people all over the world. Also, there are about 75 percent of internet users who actively search out and use blogs every day.

So, there are numerous opportunities with being a blogger. Here is the bad news. It takes dedication, time and belief in delayed gratification. Passive income is certainly attainable as a blogger but it requires focus. Of course, that may or may not be a goal of yours. Perhaps, you just have a desire to write about a passion of yours and are not concerned with earning money. That being said, who wouldn't want a few extra sources of income coming in right?

More time to be with loved ones and eliminate debt are some of the luxuries far too many employees do not enjoy. Why? Well, most people have bills to pay and have to keep showing up at a job in order to get a paycheck. Remember, we are not the first ones to get paid either. The government, which didn't life a finger, robs the average employee of much of their productivity the moment they are paid.


Are Blogs Profitable in 2023?

Yes. There are bloggers online making 5 to 6 figures per month and far more earning a few extra hundred dollars per month. is an example of this. The owner of that website makes close to $130,000 USD per month. Of course, she had to put an immense amount of work in and has had her blog for several years. Again, many people see the event (end goal) but fail to see the process that went into income generation of this magnitude with blogs.

is blogging dead is another example. This couple has had several months where they are earning over $100,000 USD per month. So, is blogging dead? Absolutely not. That being said, there is heavy work to be done and time. I always recommend to people when starting to be patient. What is it that you are passionate about? Do you have a topic that you can write endless information about? If not, I would reconsider blogging. I say that because you need to focus on content creation.

So, you want to have a topic that you know a lot about and can write about. Of course, you can vlog as well. There are differences between vlogging versus blogging. Vlogging is simply making videos and discussing your topic via video. In contrast, blogging is the art of writing content that is of value to other people. I am a huge fan of their courses too. I purchased their 6-Figure Blogger course which teaches you how to start your own blog and earn 6-figures per month.

What has replaced blogging?

One of the methods that at times can replace blogging is making videos. YouTube is a great option if you would rather make videos than write content. That being said, you can combine the two and potentially earn more income. Are you someone who is seeking to generate additional streams of income? If so, starting your own YouTube channel is a way to do that. I created my rundreamachieve youtube channel about 2 years ago where I make videos about fitness and running.

The beauty of YouTube is it is free to make your own channel. Blogging does require some small fees such as monthly hosting. I use Siteground where you can get your domain for free and pay only $4.95 USD per month.

That being said, YouTube costs you nothing outside of the time that it takes to create your video content. In addition, once you get to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you can monetize your channel. Have you ever watched a YouTube video and saw ads running on the video you were watching? If so, this is how YouTube creators earn income.

What type of blogs make the most money?

There are specific niches that seem to earn content creators more money than others. Below are a few of the niches to think about when starting your blog.

  • Financial Blogs
  • Sales and Marketing Blogs
  • Travel Blog.
  • Nutrition, Fitness and Health Blogs
  • Mother Blogs
  • Style and Fashion Blogs
  • Food Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs

So, is blogging dead? No way. There will always be a need for content creation. People all over the world are seeking answer to pain points that they have. I started Internet of Business out of a desire to help people to start working smarter rather than harder.

I, too, was taught to trade time for money. of course, there is nothing wrong with being an employee. That being said, as an employee you will never be paid what you are worth. Your employer will always have the outright say in how much you earn per hour or the cap of your salary.

Create and Course on your blog

You can also create a course revolved around a subject matter you know well and sell it. There is a lot of power in this. The reason being is you work hard once and continue to get paid over and over again years into the future. Trust me, I have had plenty of years of experience as an employee. So, my goal is not to discredit or disrespect employees.

I simply want to share some other options with you if you are one. Working a job can be great and many people do have jobs that they love and bosses that they respect. That being said, others do not and so blogging can be fruitful if you are committed and dedicated enough.

Scope of blogging in 2021

Podia is a great option. The reason being is it is a software where you can create your videos and they handle all of the payment processing. I have used Podia to create my running courses. So, as a 2:19 marathoner, I enjoy creating courses revolved around my passion for fitness. Furthermore, I link my podia courses onto my website.

There are endless ways to create value for others. In addition, to generate income by working smarter rather than harder. Remember, at a job you will always have a ceiling on your income. As a blogger you dictate the amount of income you are going to generate by your work ethic. So, you create your own economy. Yes, it involves hard, up front work but over time you can generate residual (passive) income.

Closing Thoughts

So, blogging is an outstanding way to start sharing what you know. In addition, you can even earn income and there are many ways to do this which we will be sharing further on this website. Is blogging dead in 2021? No. The time to start sharing and build your income streams is now. So, do not delay.