How to Create a Video in Powerpoint 2023

How to Create a Video in Powerpoint 2023

Are you wondering how to create a video in powerpoint and create beautiful powerpoint presentations? If so, you have come to the right website. Welcome to Internet of Business.

PowerPoint videos are an effective way to add visuals to your presentation, helping viewers better comprehend a topic and liven up dull reports.

No matter if you're using an online video maker or your own PowerPoint file, there are a few things to consider before embedding a video into your presentation. This article will guide you through the process of creating an impressive-looking video in mere minutes.

How Do I Create a Video using PowerPoint?

PowerPoint's feature that enables video creation from a slideshow is particularly handy for presentations that contain animations or other elements which cannot be effectively displayed as images.

To utilize this feature, open your presentation in PowerPoint and select Record Slide Show under the Recording tab. This will bring up a menu that allows you to choose between recording the entire presentation or starting at any specific point in time.

Once recorded, PowerPoint will automatically convert your slideshow into a video. This process may take a few minutes depending on how long the video is and its quality.

While the process is underway, you can edit your video's timings, add a background soundtrack or your own narration, and alter the size and quality of the output file.

Synchronizing animation effects with the video helps ensure they appear at precisely the correct moments. This is especially helpful if using animations for transitions; this can be accomplished via the Animation Pane.


How Do You Make a Simple Video Presentation?

Video presentations are an excellent way to make your slideshow more captivating and engaging. There are various free tools that allow you to upload images, video clips and 3-D models in order to craft the perfect videos.

Video editing software such as Synthesia STUDIO can add a professional touch to your videos. Many platforms offer pre-made templates, making it easy for you to quickly craft an eye-catching presentation.

The initial step is selecting a template that best suits your topic and target audience. Doing this can be especially useful if you aren't an experienced video editor or lack design talent.

Once you've selected a template, begin adding your media to the slides. You can upload photos, e-books, video clips and more for easy uploading onto the presentation.

Once your presentation is ready, recording is easy. Either use a microphone or simply record your voice; whichever option you select, be sure to practice your speech before recording it.

Prezentar Software

Prezentar Software is a cloud-based program that makes creating and editing presentations effortless. It is the perfect way of how to create a video in powerpoint beautifully. With several pre-made templates created by experienced designers, users can get started quickly.

Business and individual users will find this program to be ideal, as it enables them to create professional-looking presentations without much hassle. Furthermore, the interface is user friendly with comprehensive instructions included.

The user-friendly interface makes it effortless to add text, images, videos, audio recordings and other elements. Plus, there's a vast library of pre-made backgrounds and animated graphics ready for use.

Another advantage of the program is its capacity for producing professional-looking movies. It features an integrated music studio and audio editor.

Adeel Chowdhry, the platinum creator of Sqribble and Pixel Studio FX, founded this video creation software to give users a fast track to crafting presentations that capture attention and boost sales. With his decade of marketing expertise, Adeel knows exactly how to craft effective presentations that get noticed.


Prezentar, a software program from Adeel Chowdhry, fills a significant void in the presentation-making market. It helps budget-conscious marketers create modern presentations that sell their products or services quickly – not hours!

It allows users to design their own presentations and save them as videos, PDFs or HTML. Furthermore, it offers various features that make editing presentations a breeze.

The app offers an array of templates and images that can be used to craft professional-looking presentations. Furthermore, its extensive image library and audio management tools enable users to produce quality content.

It's an ideal solution for those needing to create high-quality video presentations. It is user friendly and requires no technical expertise, plus it offers point-and-click templates as well as access to its extensive media library so you can craft your presentations quickly.


Can You Use PowerPoint for a Video?

PowerPoint supports virtually all video formats, so you can easily incorporate them into your slides. Furthermore, it permits creating a recording of your presentation – ideal for content marketing purposes.

You can embed a video from websites like YouTube or Vimeo, though be aware that videos on these platforms may disappear at any time.

To guarantee your video's availability, download it ahead of time. That way, your presentation can play seamlessly wherever you go.

Embedding a video in PowerPoint is straightforward, but it can significantly expand its file size. Therefore, only use this option if your video is an essential element of your presentation.

If you wish to add a video clip to your slides, use the placeholder commands that appear on new slides. When clicked, this will bring up a menu where you can choose what type of media to insert.

Prezentar Reviews

Are you in search of a cloud-based presentation tool that doesn't require monthly fees or extensive learning curves? Prezentar may be your perfect fit. This template-driven solution lets you craft modern presentations without needing design skills or additional plugins – perfect for busy professionals on a tight budget!

Marketers and small business owners can use it to easily create professional-looking presentations for webinars, courses, videos, tutorials, and other types of content. Plus it makes it simple to stand out from competitors with custom-made templates.

Adeel Chowdhry, an internet marketer and digital entrepreneur, created Prezentar. With its features, anyone can quickly and easily create professional-looking presentations, video slideshows, and eBook covers with just a few clicks.

How Do You Make a Slide Show on PowerPoint?

Slide shows are versatile tools that presenters can use for all sorts of presentations, from teaching a lesson to displaying statistical data. Not only do they save presenters time but they also enable them to effectively communicate their ideas.

PowerPoint offers a selection of pre-built themes and color variations to help you make your presentations look unified. You may even create your own custom theme from scratch!

Once your theme has been chosen, you can begin designing your slides. Add images, text and other elements to make each slide unique.

Once you've finished recording your slide show, you can play it back or move forward or backward with the arrows on your screen. To exit out of the slide show and return to normal view, click either “Esc” on your keyboard or hit the “X” button in the upper-left corner of the Recording window.

When presenting your slide show using a projector, Presenter View gives you special access to controls on the screen that aren't visible to viewers. Plus, you can view slide notes and preview each subsequent slide before showing it to them. So, how to create a video in powerpoint? I hope now you know and also what software to use.