Digital Entrepreneurs | Tips to Earn

Digital Entrepreneurs | Tips to Earn

Digital entrepreneurs are people who utilize the internet to provide a service or product. Let's face it. There are people all over the world working as employees who are barely making ends meet. 78 percent of the American population are living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Well, one of the major reasons is they have been taught to rely on one source of income.

How can anyone live on one source of income when they have the following…

  • Student loans
  • Mortgages to pay (the word “mortgage” means “death pledge”)
  • Credit card debt
  • Utility bills
  • Cell phone bills
  • Child care
  • Automobile loans
  • Student loan debt
  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Gas to fill ones' car up to get to and from the job

Is it no wonder so many highly educated and motivated men and women are living this way?

How do you become a digital entrepreneur?

Digital entrepreneurs find ways and means to help other people by way of using the internet. One of the best ways to become one is to start your own blog. I often get asked is blogging dead. The answer is no. In fact, the best time to get involved with blogging is now.

Digital entrepreneurship is unique is that you can start to earn residual (passive) income when done right. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. Who doesn't want passive income right? We are all taught that money doesn't grow on tree. Of course, in the literal sense that may be true.

That being said, you can build internet money trees in the way of a website. Digital entrepreneurs create products that help serve a need to others. For example, creating a course like I did using the Podia platform. Podia is your one-stop shop as a digital entrepreneur.

Why Choose Podia as a Digital Entrepreneur

I have found Podia to be the best possible software digital entrepreneurs can utilize to create products. In addition, there are multiple other benefits and perks of using Podia. Check out these options available to you as a creator

  • Membership sites
  • Webinars (create and sell over and over again)
  • Courses (create once and sell over and over again)
  • E-mail campaigns (house your e-mail list(s) here)
  • Consultation (coaching) calls
  • No transaction fees (Podia takes none of your earnings
  • Pay one monthly fee starting at $33 per month (affordable)
  • Access to the Podia community where you can learn from other digital entrepreneurs
  • Unlimited courses and products you can create with same monthly fee

Get a free, 14-day trial with Podia today.

How much does a digital entrepreneur make?

Digital entrepreneurs do not have a ceiling on their income. So, there really is no limit to the amount of income you can earn as a digital entrepreneur. What is the difference between an entrepreneur vs an employee?

One works for residual income and the other linear income. The employee at least has a guaranteed paycheck coming in.

Of course, this is a major reason why most people have been taught to be an employee. There are people all over the world who love what they do for a living. That being said, they have to keep showing up to work or else they do not get paid.

The beauty of being a digital entrepreneur is you can still work your full-time or part-time job and build your fortune in your spare time. So, the amount of income you generate is going to be dependent on your work ethic. In addition, the number of products you create and amount of people you serve.

What is the importance of digital entrepreneurship?

One of the biggest advantages is you can reach far more people via the internet as opposed to a brick and mortar entrepreneur. The brick and mortar business owner may only be able to serve customers in his or her local area. In addition, they have other costs that they have to deal with as opposed to a digital entrepreneur such as…

  • Utility bills
  • Hiring and firing of employees
  • Working as many if not more hours than their employees (i.e. another job)
  • Maintenance costs
  • Payroll

Digital entrepreneurs can provide a course and sell it over and over again. We don't have to hire employees. The reason being is we can operate our business right from our laptops. The most important of all the reasons to become a digital entrepreneurship is your business can become automatic.

What do I mean? Well, you can automate it so that it works without you have to be somewhere. So, you begin to start earning passive (residual) income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once.

What Is a Digital Entrepreneur

A digital entrepreneur is someone who creates a digital products or shares someone else's digital product earning from that action. In addition, they are professionals who create ways to generate income online via helping someone else to get what they want.

There are people all over the world are seeking new ways to generate income. For example, I often share the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course with others here. No, I didn't create the course myself. That being said, I bought the course, use it for my own businesses and share it with others.

Of course, if someone chooses to buy the course using my affiliate link I earn a small commission. There is no additional cost to the individual who chooses to buy it either. So, I am an affiliate for that product. That being said, I also have my own product and offer my own affiliates a 40 percent commission every time they make a sell.

So, a digital entrepreneur is in the people helping people business model.


What are three advantages of digital entrepreneurship?

There are endless advantages to being an digital entrepreneur. Below are three of the biggest advantages you can expect to enjoy if you are willing to put in the work.

No Ceiling On Your Income

Digital entrepreneurs don't have a limit to the amount of income they can earn. Do you work a full or part-time job? If so, you have a ceiling on your income. Someone, somewhere has already dictated for you how much your hourly time is worth.

The digital entrepreneur decides for himself or herself how much income they are going to earn. You and I get tired as employees. We need sleep. Well, the internet does not sleep. So, if you can create an online business you have a chance to earn passive income.

Flexible Schedule

You work your own hours as a digital entrepreneur. Again, you can still work your full-time or part-time job while building your fortune as a digital entrepreneur. Of course, you can also choose to do this full-time too when you do decide to quit your job.

Serving Others

Digital entrepreneurs also serve others by way of the products they create. I have been creating products since 2011 online. I create running courses at my running website, In addition, also offer an affiliate program for my RunDreamAchieve affiliates.

For example, my Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course sells for $167. I pay my affiliates a 40 percent commission for every sale of one my courses they make. So, they receive $66.80 USD every time that happens. It is a win-win situation. Also, I have 7 other products that I created my affiliates each earn 40 percent commissions on as well.

Furthermore, the athletes seeking to break the 3-hour marathon barrier get a course they desire to help them achieve that goal.

In addition, those who choose to sign up as an affiliate (which is free) receive a commission.

Sign up for free to become a RunDreamAchieve Affiliate

How can you be a successful entrepreneur in digital economy?

Be Patient

You will need a great deal of patience to be a digital entrepreneur. Yes, you can earn passive income as one. That being said, it takes time to create digital products.

Do you have a website or blog currently? If not, you need to get your own domain and host it. I highly recommend checking out Siteground.

I use Siteground for all my web properties. In addition, they are also very affordable. A new website domain will only cost you $17.99 USD per year. Hosting with Siteground is only $3.99 USD per month.

Yes, there are investments you need to make to become a digital entrepreneur. That being said, the costs of being one are reasonable and will not break your bank account.

Check out Siteground

Be Tenacious

Do you truly one to be financially free and be able to wake up when you want? Do you have a desire to no longer be concerned about what an item costs? Are you willing to be creative and think of solutions to problems that other people have?

If so, then you have what it takes to be successful as a digital entrepreneur. So, you are either going to decide to be average, good or great. Greatness, regardless what you do, demands an enormous amount of tenacity.

The majority of the world is still operating on a tired, old, Industrial Aged philosophy. Get up, go to work, trade your life for 8 to 12 hours a day, come home and repeat the next day. Is this any way to live? No. You and I were not put on this Earth to get a job, pay bills and die. Our Creator placed in us immense capabilities. In addition, He also stated that He would provide us life and that we should live it abundantly

You can but in order to do so you have to get beyond just working for the paycheck.

Be Creative

Digital entrepreneurs are creative. We are always thinking of additional ways to generate income. The best entrepreneurs are former employees. I worked for over 20 years as an active duty military member.

I never once felt in control working for someone else. Also, there was always a need and desire to be more creative and productive.

So, I chose to start getting involved in other ways and means of generating income online. I studied search engine optimization. In addition, invested in courses like the 6-figure blogger course. Courses like this taught me how to generate more income online. Again, you have to be tenacious about this.

Money is not going to just start falling on your lap unless you become creative about what you are doing. How can I solve a problem that someone else has? As a digital entrepreneur, creating a membership site or product around solving a need for someone else the way.

What are the disadvantages of digital marketing?

High Competition

This is a very competitive niche and market. That being said, with some ingenuity and creativity you can set yourself apart. One is by creating content that people are already seeking for. A major mistake I see with new bloggers and vloggers is creating content no one is searching for.

I always recommend to my visitors to consider using KWFinder. KWFinder will ensure that you find low competition, high volume keywords to write about. Software like Rank Math will ensure that you take that keyword and place it in the correct locations within your blog posts.

Are you a vlogger? Do you enjoy making YouTube videos? If so, are you ensuring your videos are search engine optimized? If not, I recommend you using Tube Buddy. TubeBuddy will ensure that you make your videos revolved around keywords with high search volume and low competition. I have used TubeBuddy for building up the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel.

It Takes Work

There is a lot of work involved in being a digital entrepreneur. Who doesn't want to earn money while they sleep right? Well, in order to do that means you have to create legitimate content. Yes, it takes time and effort. That being said, it is well worth your time.

Remember, you are working for yourself and not for someone else. So, you are going to be far more productive to succeed. The reality is far too many people quit too soon. Blogging and creative digital products online takes time and patience is a must.

Technology Dependent

Your business is online. So, will be dependent on the internet remaining on. Of course, the likelihood of a solar blast taking out the entire internet grid is highly unlikely. That being said, if your website is down so is your business.

So, that is why it is important to ensure you pick the right host as I mentioned above with Siteground. In addition, you also want to make sure that the link you have on your websites work. Also, if you have a landing page you use as a funnel remains working as well.

Websites and other platforms you use can temporarily go down from time to time. So, always be aware of that as you continue to build your business online.

Types of Digital Entrepreneurship

There are multiples types of digital entrepreneurship


Blogging is one of the very best ways to get started as a digital entrepreneur. Again, you don't have to create your own products. You can share other people's products and earn a commission from doing so. Affiliate marketing is a great way to do this.

So, you utilize your blog to share content that is valuable that other people are searching for. Again, always focus on finding the right keywords. In addition, you can add other assets to your website like an Etsy shop.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. For example, years ago I joined Herbalife and continue to market their products at Yes, you will have to get past the idea of multi-level marketing being a scam idea. I can promise you that seeing consistent commission checks coming in will change your mind.

That being said, your focus has to be in the right place. Again, solve a need that someone else has. Network marketing involves you and I choosing to share a product that has high demand and unlimited supply. Herbalife has been around since 1980. So, it is an example of a successful company that has longevity.

You can start your own Herbalife home based business for a one-time investment of just $94.10 USD. Herbalife also does not require its distributors to buy product each month in order to qualify to earn commissions. Furthermore, many MLM companies do. Herbalife does not which is a huge benefit of joining.

Learn more of how to join Herbalife.

Membership Site

Creating a membership site or continuity program is a great method of generating residual income. That being said, it also requires consistent content you will need to place into your membership site. Where is the power in creating a membership site in your digital entrepreneurship journey?

100 people x $97 per month? $9,700 a month

50 people paying $27 per month? $1,350 month

Can you see how the power of duplication can add up? Yes, you may lose some people along the way who choose to depart your membership site. That being said, using your blog and the internet will always be your path to gaining new members.

I highly recommend Podia for creating your membership site.

Creating a Course

Do you have a specific skill? Are you knowledgeable in an area that other people would need assistance with? Can you teach a subject that other people deem hard that you can help to make easy? If so, creating a course is a great digital product that can help serve a massive need.

Again, digital entrepreneurs are always focused on solving a need within the marketplace. Why is course creation so unique? Well, you can create it once and then continue to sell it over and over again for years to come. In addition, it helps solve a problem that other people may have.

Podia is the platform I use for my membership site and courses. In addition, I also create webinars that I sell over and over again as well. Podia also provides users with a great way to build your e-mail list too.

Lower entry Barrier

One of the additional advantages to being a digital entrepreneur is low entry barriers. Of course, it is also very easy to start a home based business too. That being said, a vast majority of distributors for companies make little to no money. Why is that? Is it because it is a scam and not worth your time?

No. Are there other distributors earning life-altering incomes in the same companies? Of course. So, what is the difference between the two? One is not putting in the work and duplicating their work habits and the other is. So, as a digital entrepreneur you need to find ways to duplicate what you have created.

I have mentioned above the benefits of blogging. You can also vlog. Did you know starting your own YouTube channel is free. Yes, you can start earning income online from your YouTube channel. That being said, there is a catch. You need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you can start earning money this way.

Yes, there is always work involved. Residual income only occurs after you have implemented your digital strategy effectively first.

Closing Thoughts

So, you can now see that digital entrepreneurs fill a major need within the marketplace. We create our own products with others. In addition, share other people's products that people are already searching for. Again, you don't have to create your own products to be a digital entrepreneur.

You can become an affiliate marketer, share other people's products and earn a commission from doing so. The best route is to create your own. The reason being is you can create your own affiliate program. In addition, have other people share your product, make more sells and receive free advertising.

Of course, your affiliates are also rewarded earning a percentage of each product of yours they help you sell. Digital entrepreneurs have the potential to become free from being forced to work a job. Furthermore, it is a great way to earn income regardless what time of day it is. Yes, you can earn money even while you sleep if you are focused enough.