Blogging vs Vlogging | Tips to Help You Earn More

Blogging vs Vlogging | Tips to Help You Earn More

Are you wondering what is the difference between blogging vs vlogging? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. I answer questions from friends and acquaintances regarding whether and which blogs they should start. I usually ask “What problem do you wish to solve with your blog?” In addition, what is the overarching goal? The biggest difference between blogging vs vlogging is one is written content and the other is video content.

And it frequently turns out that the idea of beginning a blog exists on one plane, while this particular person's life goals, as well as his immediate tasks and resources available, exist on a completely different one. A blog may also be associated with the possibility of additional passive income, albeit not all blogs are capable of bringing direct revenue to a blogger, and it is quite rare when it is truly “passive.”

There are far more certain ways to make money than blogging. When it comes to the motivations for beginning a blog, it is best to focus on completely different subjects rather than money. This is what I'd want to discuss in this essay. And demonstrate the true benefits of blogging so you can decide why you want to start a blog.

Share Expertise or Abilities

For example, suppose you are an expert (or an amateur who is well informed in something) and you want others to be able to expand their knowledge in this area through you. For example, you can share your knowledge about a specific topic. Can you solve a problem that someone has? If so, that is a great way to use blogging vs vlogging. Vlogging is great too. Are you an extrovert? Well, making videos is a great way to get your message out. Are you an introvert? If so, you can make videos too. In addition, create content using your blog.

What benefits does it provide you personally? A sense of self-actualization? It can create new meaning in your life. Remember, blogging is not dead. In fact, the best time to start is today. Vlogging is rather new as blogs have been around much longer.

One of the biggest motives for me is the potential to gain self-realization through blogging. Remember, every blogger creates a blog primarily for himself. Therefore, you enjoy the process itself. I discovered that questions like “what is the meaning of life” and “what is all this for” had mostly vanished for me. Blogging, for a lot of people, is a way to find that meaning.

There are many fantastic blogs out there created by people who are highly passionate about a particular topic. In addition, who know a lot about it. So, they are continually educating themselves and others about their chosen topic. A good blog is not constructed in a month or a year. Remember, it is built over time. So, you must be passionate about the subject matter of your site.


Be an Expert In Your Field

I've already convinced you that it's not a good idea to blog for a living. Well, it's true, unless you're a schoolboy or a student with a lot of spare time, why not give it a shot, it'll work out!

In addition, there are numerous intangible benefits of blogging. Vlogging is much easier. The reason being is it is much easier to talk then it is to write. Of course, some prefer blogging vs vlogging. That being said, there are other people who much prefer vlogging vs blogging. Blogging also opens many doors for people who write about their chosen topics. For example, food bloggers get free meals at eateries and travel bloggers get discounted flights.

Furthermore, there are other great perks as well. You can establish yourself as an expert or a public character with your blog. So, if you have clout in the media you can be invited to events. In addition, invited to interviews and asked for your thoughts. Also, the organizers may be willing to grant you free hotels and travel reimbursement.

Of course, all of these invitations will not pay for housing or a new laptop to replace a broken one. That being said, perks and benefits are attainable. Remember, put your focus on your visitors first. You will become a successful blogger if you do so.


To be honest, this is my favorite blogging benefit. And the majority, it seemed to me, are non-obvious! Blogging allows you to broaden your social network and meet new people. In addition, reach out to you might not have met otherwise. Remember, use a tool like KWFinder to find the right keywords to write about. It does you know good to have content if no one is searching for it.

Blogging allows you to connect with others who are spiritually near to you. These people could include not only your readers, but also blogs like you. Because you are no longer merely a “subscriber” to them, but a coworker, which implies you have a different level of attention. Because it is tough for a blogger to cling to something in order to decide whether he is interested in establishing friends with each of these people when a large number of people write to him.

Start your own Youtube channel

Vlogging is great in that you can share your thoughts on YouTube. It doesn't cost any money to start a YouTube channel either.

However, blogging and vlogging expose you to others. In addition, allowing people to learn more about you. Lastly, to choose you to engage with. So, you are also rewarded by getting to meet new people online.

The second way to broaden your social circle is to draw people to your blog. For example, call for interviews and offer collaborations with whom you previously had difficulty finding common ground.

For example, if you are interested in a specific person, you may contact him for an interview on your blog.

Find Customers

Blogging isn't always about earning money. Let me explain: earning real money simply for creating content is extremely difficult. Yes, it takes time time and consistent content creation to do this. There are resources available here at Internet of Business that can help speed up your learning curve.

That being said, blogging as well as vlogging are an interesting approach to make money with a blog. Blogs are excellent in attracting clients and customers. So, if you like to share information then blogging and vlogging is a great way to do that. No, blogging is not dead. In fact, the time to start your online business, blog or website is today.

Learn Something New

But, instead of professional blogs, let's revert to amateur ones that aren't for profit. However, being an expert is merely one of several options. You can start a blog while you are just beginning to learn a particular subject. Even if you blog about the most fundamental topics, there will always be others who know nothing (or know less than you), and your expertise and knowledge can be beneficial.

There is only one proviso here: you are not misrepresenting your audience by blogging like this; that is, you are not consulting on nutrition after completing a free two-hour course on the Internet on the subject.

Closing Thoughts

A blog from an unexpected source is more reliant on your experience, on how you master this or that subject of interest to you. You can discuss what works and what doesn't; what comes naturally and what doesn't. This not only allows you to better reflect on the learning process, but it is also useful for someone who comes across your blog and sees themselves in a similar scenario, and your experience may assist that person avoid some similar mistakes or go through a similar process more quickly.

This type of blogging also provides you with added inspiration. For example, the urge to learn more, to always grow and improve, because when preparing the next material for the blog, you will naturally feel the need to study something else.

Most crucially, many of these “amateur” blogs eventually became experts. For example, after a number of years of consistent writing, someone who started a blog titled “I want to master green habits and comprehend the concept of a sustainable economy” will be invited to speak at relevant conferences. I hope this post on the difference between blogging vs vlogging has been helpful.