Blog vs Vlog | Which is Better in 2023

Blog vs Vlog | Which is Better in 2023

There are many people who don't always know whether starting a blog vs vlog is the way to go. Of course, both are great options as you build your online presence. Are you more of an introvert? Blogging may be the best route to go. That being said, if you want to grow your income you have to get out of your comfort zone. I, too, am an introvert. I started my RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel about 2 years ago. My regret is that I didn't start it a decade ago. I have been able to help so many more people by way of making videos.

Remember, the key thing to keep in mind is just to start. You have to make a move now or you are never going to know what you are capable of. Blogging is fun but does take time and energy. I own three websites and Internet of Business is the newest of the three.

I have had for over 10 years. In addition, for over 2. Internet of Business for less than 1. So, it takes time and effort to build content. Yes, you do have to have a belief in delayed gratification. Results don't come quick with whether you choose the blog vs vlog option. Vlogging is great in that people can see you talk about a topic they may need help with.

Which is better blogger or vlogger?

I think it just depends on the individual. Blogging means you are going to be creating content in written form like this post. Vlogging is creating content via video. The great thing about vlogging is you can start your own YouTube channel. It is free and doesn't cost you a cent. That being said, you also have to be willing to put in consistent work in order for it to grow. In addition, you need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you can start running ads on your channel. So, it takes an incredible amount of time and effort to make this happen.

I started off with no subscribers when I built my fitness-related YouTube channel. I now have almost 9,000 subscribers at the time of writing this post. Blogging is great in that you can create written content. I highly recommend using a software to help you find the correct keywords. I use KWFinder. KWFinder easily helps you to find keywords with high search volume and low competition.

So, a major mistake I see new bloggers and vloggers making is creating content around anything that comes to mind. Remember, you need to ensure that you are writing about content that your future visitors are already searching for.


What is the difference between a blogger and a vlogger?

The major difference between starting a blog vs vlog is how you reach your customers. Blogging is about creating content in written form. Vlogging is about creating content in video format. As mentioned above, starting a YouTube channel is the way to go as a vlogger. In addition, you can add your videos to your blog posts as a vlogger.

So, people can find you both by your blog posts as well as via your videos. Yes, it can be somewhat uncomfortable at first vlogging. I knew I had to get beyond just writing blog posts at So, started creating videos as well.

There are many resources you can use that are available here at Internet of Business. For example, consider starting your own course using Podia. Podia is a software you can use for numerous ways to build your income with your blogging and vlogging. I created running courses using Podia. In addition, I also have my e-mail list headquartered within Podia.

So, I can reach out and get to know my website visitors as well. Podia handles all of the sales transactions that I make through the courses that I created. Also, I pay my RunDreamAchieve affiliates 40 percent commissions on every sale they make of my courses.

For example, my Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course sells for $167. My affiliates earn $66.80 USD every time they sell one of my courses. So, you can use your blog to share content and place your affiliate link into a post and earn a commission. No, it won't be simple. Yes, it is worth it if you are committed enough to create content.

Who makes more money bloggers or vloggers?

Vlogging I think outweighs blogging when it comes to money earning. Advertisements can help vloggers as well as bloggers. That being said, it all depends on your level of traffic. Blogs that have no traffic coming to them are not going to make a lot of money. The same goes for YouTubers.

So, it takes time and patience on your part in order to be successful as a blog vs vlog content creator. Who doesn't want to make passive income right? We all have been taught to work hard for money at a regular 9 to 5 job. Of course, there is also nothing wrong with a job.

Jobs still help people generate linear income. Yes, it is still trading life (time) for money but it is at least guaranteed income coming in as long as you don't lose your job. That being said, there is only so many hours in your day that you can work. You and I need sleep and rest. So, you have to find a way to generate income while you sleep and throughout the day.

The only way to do this is to be consistent and persistent whether you choose the blog vs vlog way of creating content. I advise picking both as means of reaching more people. No, it will not easy. The easy way is to get a job as at least you have some guaranteed income coming in. The path to being an entrepreneur means you determine how high your income is going to be by way of your actions.

Do YouTube vloggers get paid?

Yes, we get paid usually around the 21st of each month from Google. Remember, the more videos you create the more people are going to find you. Pinterest is another option I suggest new bloggers and vloggers use. Pinterest is a search engine and is different than many of the other social media platforms. In addition, there are millions of people who go to that website every month. Also, they are people seeking answers to problems they have. In addition, for products that they are seeking to purchase.

I invested in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course as I wanted to utilize the platform for my blogs. In addition, wanted to share my videos on there as well. Remember, always keep your keyword choices in mind. You can create pins and boards that have the specific keywords your potential customers are searching for. So, when it comes to creating content always have this strategy in mind. There are many people who create content online that no one is going to find. Vloggers do get paid. Again, it takes time and effort on the content creators part to generate enough videos in order for payments to be created.


Why vlogs are popular than blogs?

Vlogs are a great way to connect with people in other parts of the world faster than blogging. In addition, it helps to see someone's face and connect with them. Also, it is a much faster way to answer a problem as opposed to blogging. Of course, both the blog vs vlog creation methods are great ways to answer questions for people. It is just that some people prefer hearing someone discuss a topic rather than reading the answer in written format.

There are many people making full-time income via vlogging. The beauty of both the blog vs vlog ways of making content is you can work at your own pace. Yes, you can still work your full-time or part-time job and build your fortune in your spare time. Again, the key is consistent content creation. So, find the problems that your customers and visitors to your blog or vlog are searching for.

Our role is to create solutions to those problems. I have been creating content online for years. So, my goal is to share some solutions to help people to generate income via their blog or vlog with Internet of Business.

Should I blog or vlog?

I think you should choose the one that fits you the best and focus on that at first. Once you have built some content then move on to the next. Remember, starting is the biggest hurdle for most people. I will not lie to you and say making money online is easy. It takes a great deal of effort to make this work. That being said, it is a labor of love. Also, you are working for yourself and not for someone else. So, you decide how high your income is going to go based on your actions.

There are so many ways to generate income online. You can start your own Herbalife home based business via network marketing. In addition, you can consider affiliate marketing and earn up to a 40 percent commission on every product you sell that someone else made. Affiliate marketing is great in that you don't have to create a product yourself. You can simply share their product on your blog or vlog and earn a commission from it.

I would recommend starting your blog first and then start vlogging after you have done that. The reason being is you want to have a home for your content to be showcased on. In addition, you can start sharing your videos on your blog posts after doing so.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is simply a way of you to get your message out by way of using video. Vloggers are YouTubers. People you create content online by way of filming themselves. I use the GoPro9 camera to film myself on my RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. Yes, it is a bit weird to talk into a camera at first when first starting your YouTune channel. The good news is that it does get easier as time passes. Remember, the key is consistent content creation. You want to make enough videos so that people can find you. Again, always use resources like TubeBuddy.

I use TubeBuddy to find keywords people are already searching for on YouTube when I vlog. So, the key is always to think outside the box. How can you the blog vs vlog content creation methods to generate more eyes balls to my website or videos? You never want to just guess about what to write or make videos about.

difference between vlog and blog

A vlog is simply you making content in video format. So, a blogger is someone who creates content like this in written format. Blogging is great in that you can write as little or as long as you wish. Of course, to rank for keywords in Google I would recommend a minimum of 1,000 words for your blog post.

Preferably, over 2500 words. Yes, time consuming but it is worth it. Again, you are working for yourself and not for someone else. Also, once you create the content it is done.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

Zig Ziglar

So, your blog posts can be found by people for several years to come if done correctly. Remember, provide value for other people. It is their concerns which is where your focus needs to be at and not on what you want.


Blogging is a better way of generating income via affiliate marketing than vlogging. There are many people who watch YouTube videos. That being said, far fewer who actually read the description below the videos people making and click on affiliate links.

So, starting your blog is a great way to gradually build your passive income stream. Remember, there is no such thing as passive income without some up-front work. So, be patient about this. You will start earning if you provide valuable content that people need.

Closing Thoughts

So, I hope now you can see the differences between blog vs vlog content creation. Yes, they both have their perks and benefits. Of course, neither will work unless you do. I have shared numerous resources here on this post that I am certain will speed up your learning curve.

In addition, two business-related courses that will help you get more free, organic traffic from Google. They are the 6-Figure Blogger and Pinterest Traffic Avalanche courses. Scroll up again to see them. You can click on either buttons to learn more about them.

I have invested in both of these courses myself which have helped me tremendously build my businesses online. Yes, I vlog as well as blog and they are both matter if you want to do well online. Lastly, don't get overwhelmed by this. So, start bogging first and then add in vlogging. Of course, you can also start vlogging first and later, create a blog. It just depends on how you want to make your move.