Best Online Jobs for Students from Home without Investment

Best Online Jobs for Students from Home without Investment

What are the best online jobs for students from home without investment? Well, there are many ways you can start earning money. No, it will not be easy or simple. That being said, with some initiative and work ethic you can build some money trees that will eventually pay you. My goal with this post is to share with you some top strategies to earn while you learn.

Sadly, what I will be sharing with you I never even learned in business school. Yes, I hold a MBA from Purdue University and working on a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. That being said, even business schools do not teach students ways to build residual income. Yes, you will be taught how to climb the corporate ladder and work hard for money.

Remember, there is working smart and there is working hard. Do you work a full-time or part-time job? If so, you already know you have to keep showing up to work in order to get paid. Your pay is tied to your time. The good news is you can still work your job and supplement your income.

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Top Recommendation – Start A Blog

Starting a blog is relatively easy. I wouldn't recommend getting a blogger or blogspot blog though. Do you want to create a brand for yourself online? If so, you want to get your own domain. I highly recommend Siteground. You can get your own siteground blog for just $17.99 USD per year. Remember, when you start your blog it will need to be hosted somewhere. Siteground is where I have all of my websites located including this one.

best online jobs for students from home without investment

It is only $3.99 USD or $35.88 USD per year to have my website hosted there. So, if you want to know one of the best online jobs for students from home without investment blogging is the way. Sure, there might be a very small investment as mentioned here. That being said, it won't break your bank account.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

It is free to start your own YouTube channel. Did you know you can start earning income from this? There is a catch here. You will need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in order to qualify to start earning money from Google Adsense. That being said, it is a very rewarding way to supplement your income.

In fact, some people go full-time and make YouTube videos as their profession. I started my running YouTube channel a little over 2 years ago. Yes, it has taken some time but am now earning income from videos I made several months ago. Once you get over 10,000 subscribers you can place a merch store shelf below your videos like you see with mine. Again, starting a YouTube channel is free but does require some up front work. It is most certainly worth it.

Remember, don't just make videos about anything that comes to mind. There are many students and working professionals who get this wrong. You want to create your content revolved around what people are already searching for. I use a tool called TubeBuddy to do this. Tubebuddy will ensure that you use low competition, highly searched keywords. So, your channel will grow faster rather than just making videos about anything that comes to mind.

How do I make money online as a student?

Consistent action. Remember, residual income is possible but it does require up front work. I believe if more people knew what it felt like to earn while they slept they would do everything in their power to obtain it. Well, you can but not without consistent action. Yes, there are people making anywhere from a few extra dollars per month to 6 and even 7 figures per month. How? Leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less.

We haven't been taught this method. What we all have been taught is how to work hard for money. The idea of money working hard for us has not been taught as much. You need to invest in yourself. I mentioned above the idea of starting a blog. Well, sometimes you have to invest in self-development. I would recommend the 6-figure blogger course if you want to grow your brand online. The creators of that course are making 6 figures per month through their blogs.

Create Your Own Products

Do you have a skill or topic you know well? Why not create a course revolved around the knowledge that you have and get paid for it? More importantly, help solve a problem that someone else has. Did I mention once the product is made you can sell it over and over again for years to come? I use Podia for the courses I created at my running site Yes, to use the software it does cost $33 per month.

That being said, once you have created a few products and start making sales it will be worth it. For example, say you make $300 in a month. You may the $33 and the rest is profit. In addition, Podia is great in that they don't take any of your sale like Teachable does. Furthermore, I have not found any platform that is better for students wanting to create their own products than Podia. Remember, being an entrepreneur is one of the best online jobs for students from home without investment.

You can sign up with Podia for a free, 14-day trial here.


Swabucks pays you to start and finish surveys or doing other things on their website. For example, it could be watching trailers for movies or other activities on the site. So, you earn “Swagbucks” that you can use later in the form of cash or a gift card. Of course, this is still linear income (income that is tied to your time). That being said, it is still a great way to earn money without any significant investment up front.

The only investment you'll need with Swagbucks is your time. Residual income is something you really want to focus on in the future. Yes, you can still work the job you love and build your fortune in your spare time. The beauty of it all is you can find alternative ways to generate income online while you study.

Start a Home Based Business

Do you like fitness, health and wellness? If so, why not join Herbalife? Herbalife is now in 94 countries around the world. In addition, it only costs a one-time investment of $94.10 USD to start your own home business as a Herbalife distributor. I joined the company as a distributor a little over 3 years ago. I have been paid multiple times since I made that small, $94.10 USD investment. Again, this article is about the best online jobs for students from home without investment.

That being said, sometimes the best income generating systems only take a very small investment. Herbalife is the perfect example. No, Herbalife does not require its distributors to have to buy products each month to qualify to earn commissions. Remember, if you have a desire to share Herbalife with people online or offline, your income potential goes higher.

Get started today as a Herbalife distributor here.

Become an Affiliate

You may not have time to create your own product as mentioned above. Well, you can always sign up to be an affiliate for someone else's product. The result? You share that product with someone else and if they purchase you earn a commission. Are you a runner, have background in fitness or know of other people who do? The good news is that you will not run out of people who like to run or care about their health.

I created running related products on my other website Why not sign up as an affiliate, share these products on your blog or social media outlets and earn money by doing so? For example, my Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course sells for $167. You will earn $66.80 USD every time someone buys one of my products using your affiliate link. It is free to sign up as a RunDreamAchieve affiliate too. Also, there is no limit to the amount of income or sales you can make either.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is one of the best online jobs for students from home without investment. People all over the world are willing to pay you for doing tasks that they need done. For example, writing blog posts, making logos or graphic design. I definitely recommend joining Fiverr.

it is free to join. Once you sign up you can create your profile and start making up some tasks you'd like to do for other people. Are you good at teaching? Writing? Can you draw? Do you like to teach a topic you know well? People will pay you to do that for them on Fiverr.

Sign up with Fiverr today and start earning while you study.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, these are just a few of endless amounts of other low cost to free ways to earn while you learn. The beauty of this is that you can work at your own pace. Again, my top recommendation is to start a blog. The reason being is you can build your own brand around your website. In addition, add so many other income generating items to it.

For example, Google Adsense. It doesn't cost any money ti sign up for Google Adsense. Once you have your blog up and running you can put ads on your site and start earning additional income. Again, one of many ways. One last free option to start earning some additional income is considering User Interviews. You can participate in studies and get paid for doing so. Again, free to sign up.

Sign up with User Interviews for free here.