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Six Figure Blogger | Review and Tips
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Are you seeking more information about the six figure blogger course? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. I am glad you have made it here. Who doesn't want to make passive income right? Well, the truth is it does not exist unless you start to think outside the box. Entrepreneurship is not the same as a job. People who works jobs may be trading time for money but at least they have a paycheck coming in. Can you become a six figure blogger? Of course, if the creators of the six figure blogger course can do it why can't you and I?

Six Figure Blogger
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I have been two other blogs that I generate income. Internet of Business is my newest website but the content I create here allows me to be myself. I love the idea of passive income generation. More importantly, helping others to duplicate what I have done.

I have always said that it is essential that you study what successful people have done. No, it isn't simple and you will need to spend time building content for your blog. That being said, it is well worth it. Remember, you are working for yourself and not for someone else.

What is a Six Figure blogger?

The six figure course was created by Alex and Lauren McManus over at CreateandGo. They, like most other people, had to experience setbacks before they started generating income. What I love about the 6-figure blogger course is you get to learn how they did it. In addition, find out the strategies that they used in order to start seeing results. Again, the key to success to studying what successful people do and simply duplicating their work habits.

How can a blog make 6 figure income?

Immense work, focus, drive and persistence. I invested in the six figure blogger course because I wanted to increase my revenue. My main website is rundremachieve where I help runners and fitness-minded professionals reach their racing goals.

What I have learned is your focus needs to be on your potential customers and not on yourself. It isn't about you. No one cares that I ran a 2:19 marathon. What they want to know is how can I help them achieve similar results or surpass the goals they have set for themselves.

So, I chose to purchase the six figure blogger course to become a better entrepreneur. Below are the areas of the course that you will be learning within the course. They have a private Facebook group for people who invest in the course.

So, you can network with like-minded people seeking to build their online businesses. The first module also provide some of their favorite business-building resources like Canva, Clickfunnels among many others.

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Can you make 10k a month blogging?

Yes, but the amount of up front work and time to achieve it is what most are unwilling to do. I have been working non-stop since 2011 working on my three websites. You cannot just be lukewarm about this. One of the best ways to speed up your learning is to study from those already doing it.

The six figure blogger course is the best way I know how to do this. Let's review the areas of this course listed for you below. I have also listed the length of the videos within the course as well.

What I love about this course is the pace at which these two teach. You can easily go back and take notes if you missed anything. In addition, they also provide content outline for you. So, you can have an outline already created for your new product or e-book you wish to write.

They really go in-depth on all areas of how to grow your business online to make 6 figures per year. There are people out there just trying to learn how to make $50 per month passively. Well, this course will significantly speed up your learning curve.


Introduction and Expectations

  •   Thank You from Alex & Lauren!
  •   Pre-Reqs and Common Mistakes
  •   Course Objectives
  •   How to Get the Most From This Course

Blogging Mindset

  •   Ugly Truths of Blogging (12:40)
  •   Poop to Profits (10:37)
  •   Become the Expert (7:07)
  •   Building a Brand (9:01)
  •   Being a Business Owner (5:29)
  •   Being a Problem Solver (4:33)
  •   Success Leaves Clues (12:59)

The Six-Figure Blog Framework

  •   The Strategy Behind a Six-Figure Blog Business (9:18)
  •   Blog Sales Equation Simplified (13:10)
  •   The Six-Figure Blog Equation (7:17)
  •   The Customer Journey (10:40)
  •   Sponsored Posts and Ads (11:08)

Affiliate Marketing

  •   Affiliate Marketing Strategy (26:35)
  •   Selling Affiliate Products: How and Where (28:02)
  •   Selling Affiliate Products: Email (19:04)
  •   Finding Great Affiliate Products (9:38)
  •   Great Affiliate Programs Right Now

Creating Digital Products and Services (Idea Forming & Planning)

  •   Ideas, Data, and Research (7:29)
  •  Start Surveying Your Audience (13:22)
  •  Define Your Customer and Problem (13:15)
  •  Start Setting Deadlines (7:15)

Creating Your Product From Scratch

  •   eBook Product and Content Outlines
  •  Start Course Product and Content Outlines
  •  Start Start Outlining Your Product (7:45)
  •  Naming Your Product (3:53)
  •  Start Creating a Great Headline (12:07)
  •  Start Creating Your Bonuses (15:23)
  •  First “Rough” Draft (15:08)
  •  Start Product Images and Branding (8:41)
  •  Start eBook Completion and Delivery
  •  Course Completion and Delivery

How to SELL: High-Converting Sales Pages

  •   Where to Host and Sell Your Products
  •  Start Sales Page Sequence (7:19)
  •  Sales Page Sub-Headlines (4:58)
  •  Start Sales Page Body Copy (9:15)
  •  Product Intro and Bonuses (6:10)
  •  Start Product Price and Guarantee (10:49)
  •  Frequently Asked Questions (11:43)
  •  Start Getting Testimonials (11:40)
  •  Start Tools to Boost Conversions

Getting Visitors to Your Sales Page

  •  Start Sales-Centered Content (9:17)
  •  Start Content Structure (15:53)
  •  Getting Targeted Clicks (10:25)
  •  Start Home Page Sales Boost
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Email Marketing Mastery (Trust Funnels)

  •  Start Why You Need an Email List (13:43)
  •  Start Product-Focused Opt-In (18:42)
  •  Email Marketing Services (10:29)
  •  Start Trust Funnel Overview (11:07)
  •  Start Trust Funnel Template
  •  Automations, Rules, and Tags (10:11)
  •  Start Removing Cold Subscribers
  •  Start Post-Purchase Funnels (13:19)

Final Thoughts

  •  Start Key Points to Remember (5:43)
  •  Start Some Honest Blogger Shit (40:29)

6 Figure Blogger Bonuses

Alex and Lauren also cover some additional bonuses within the course. These are how to handle your finances, tracking sales, growing your social media accounts. In addition, they also share with you e-mail templates you can use to send to your e-mail list. They always say that the money is in the list. Of course, this makes sense but you have to build your list first. So, these two cover, in detail, the steps in order to make this a reality.

So, what you don't want is for people to visit your blog or website and not be able to get to know them. You need to built your list but also be patient in doing so. It will take time. The six figure blogger course will significantly help you with this as well. The course consists mainly of videos that both Alex and Lauren make. Their website, create and go, is now making over $100,000 USD per month. You ready that right.

Is blogging a waste of time?

It can be for most people without a legitimate plan in place. A common mistake I see bloggers making is writing blog posts with not the best keywords. You want to make sure when creating content it is revolved around keywords of interest. I utilize KWFinder to find specific keyword that people are already searching for.

So, don't just write a blog post or create a YouTube video around any idea that comes to your mind. Remember, it isn't about you but the customer. You want to find keywords that have high search volume but easy to rank for and has little competition. KWFinder speeds that process up and takes the guesswork out of what keywords to write about.

What are their needs? What pain points do they have? Also, what problems do they have that you can provide a solution for. You will be successful if you take on a servant leadership style. Of course, who doesn't want to make money passively online. Sure, it is fun to wake up seeing you made a sale. That being said, it is the process that goes into that hard work that few people see. I made a video on process (the hard work) vs event (the end result everyone sees) on my YouTube channel I will attach below.

So, no, blogging is not a waste of time if you are serious. Are you lukewarm or red hot focused on becoming a six figure blogger? If you are serious then I highly recommend investing in yourself and getting this course.

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How can I make $100 a month blogging?

The first step I would recommend is looking at what areas of expertise are you good at? Do you enjoy cooking? Perhaps sharing cooking related content or recipes on your blog is the way to go. Alex and Lauren also have a great course called the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course you may want to check out. They discuss how you can use Pinterest to get free traffic for years to come using its search engine. I also bought that course as well and get over 15,000 monthly views to my Pinterest account.

Below are a few of my top recommendations

  • Invest in yourself and get the six figure blogger course
  • Start a YouTube channel (it is FREE to do this and you can make videos about topics you love
  • Consider creating a product and selling it on your website. I have used Podia now for over 3 years and absolutely love it. Remember, once your course is made it can continue to be sold over and over again. More importantly, people around the world can be helped by the advice you share
  • Create non-stop content but take your time. We have 3 choices in this life. Be average, good or great and we all get to choose which of the 3 we are going to be.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on the six figure blogger course has been helpful to you. Above I have shared the topic areas of the course. The one-time investment for the course will quickly be gained back one you start earning money. Remember, put the needs of others before what you want and you will eventually become successful. Yes, it takes time but it is well worth it. Again, you are working for yourself and not for someone else.

The beauty of this course is you can still work your full-time or part-time job and build your fortune in your spare time. The course will walk you through all of the areas that are essential in order to start making sales online.

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Dr. Nathan Pennington is a 2:19 marathoner, former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program earning his Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He brings over 10 years of online entrepreneurial experience in helping people learn how to blog, earn income online and build passive income streams outside of what the school system teaches.