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Siteground Blog | How to Start Your Own Domain
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Are you wondering how to start a siteground blog in 2022? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. You'll be happy to know the costs are relatively low. Yes, it does take time and effort to build income online. Of course, that is not everyone's goal but perhaps it is for you. They say money doesn't grow on trees. This may be true in the literal sense. That being said, your blog can sprout into a digital tree that can grow significantly if you are patient.

Digital entrepreneurship is a massive opportunity for everyone. It is no longer impossible to quit that job you hate. Yes, there are plenty of people who love what they do for a living. I spent over 20 years in the military retiring in March of 2022. Yes, there were days I didn't like it but for the most part enjoyed what I did as a medical administrative officer. I started blogging at rundreamachieve in 2011. So, I understand the question of how much does it cost to start a blog.

How much does it cost to begin a blog?

Click here to start a blog at Siteground. You can then use the tutorial listed below to help assist you with the sign up process. You will first need to purchase a domain. A domain is simply the URL of your planned blog name. For example, is the domain for this blog. Your blog will also need to be hosted somewhere. I host all of Siteground blog at Siteground. It is only an annual fee of just $17.99 USD to buy a domain at Siteground.

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging. Remember, by doing so you can reach people from around the world. Also, you can share your love of whatever subject matter you know best. In addition, you can even start a home business, create a course around a topic you know well, using Podia and helping other people.

Siteground Hosting Cost

Furthermore, I am able to work from home and manage my time much better than before. The great thing about starting your own blog is you can work on your own schedule. Furthermore, write as little or as much as you wish. Yes, just about anyone can earn money online. That being said, you have to be extremely patient and have a belief in delayed gratification. It takes time to build traffic to your blog. So, don't be in a rush. Blog hosting at Siteground is now $2.99 USD per month. A siteground blog will pay you much more over the long-term if you are diligent in your content creation.

So, the total cost for your first year of blogging with Siteground is just $35.88 USD. Siteground also has 24-hour, 365 day customer support and are always available to help set you up for success. I definitely recommend signing up for 12-months. It will not break your bank account. Of course, the best plan is to sign up for 36-months which will lower your overall cost even more.

How Do I Start a Blog with No Money?

You might be saying to yourself, “Can I get a blog for free like blogger or a blogspot blog”? I highly would not recommend doing this. Remember, if you want your blog to be professional and start earning income online you have to look the part. Hosting with Siteground is a must. One, you will have a professional and legitimate domain like rather than or Do you see how it looks unprofessional?

Again, if you want to supplement your income you have to take the extra steps to make it a reality. Siteground is extremely cheap. One, you get your domain for free when you sign up with Siteground. Two, it is now only $2.99 USD per month. Your site will also run 500 percent faster when you join. Remember, free WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot blogs are very hard to make money with. Advertisers and other companies will not give much attention to bloggers with these types of blogs.

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So, you want to make sure your Siteground blog looks as professional as it can be. Siteground ensures that you do this. They have free themes you can use. Of course, there are nice themes you can purchase like Kadence Theme at relatively low prices. Again, these are one-time purchases. Weebly is another great blogging platform you may want to consider as well starting at just $6 per month.

Reasons to Start a siteground Blog with Siteground

  • Simple to use and get started. No, anyone can start a Siteground blog relatively easy plus Siteground customer support is there to help you every step of the way. Siteground makes it simple to start your very own WordPress blog.
  • World-class Siteground web hosting customer and technical support.
  • Siteground will not break your bank account and has relatively cheap web hosting at just $2.99 per month. So, you can have your very own blog which only costs you $2.99 per month.
  • You will get your very own domain for free.
  • You will be able to start your blog on WordPress through Siteground for FREE
  • Siteground offers a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee in case you feel it is not for you. Remember, if you are don't understand any part of the process of starting your blog you can always send me an e-mail. I am always available to help my visitors at anytime.
  • Self-hosting is critical if you want to monetize your blog. So, self-hosting through Siteground is critical to look the part and have a professional, fast-loading blog.
  • Your blog will look professional with a Siteground hosted blog. Companies and advertisers will see your blog out thanks to this.

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

siteground blog

Step One: Choosing your Plan and Registering Your Domain

You can simply click here and get started in registering your domain then follow the simple step-by-step process below.

The first step prior to doing any of this is deciding what to name your WordPress blog on Siteground. I would definitely take your time in doing this. What is your blog about? What particular keyword can you use that could potentially help you get more traffic? I highly recommend a keyword tool called KWFinder. It will help you to find the proper long-tail keywords that have little competition but high search volume.

I have used KWFinder for years and it is an essential tool which has helped me earned thousands of dollars online. You can purchase your domain directly through Siteground and easily get your blog up and running the same day. Remember, you get your domain for FREE when you join Siteground. So, your only out of pocket expenses are going to come from hosting. That being said, it is only $35.88 USD per year ($2.99 USD per month) and paying $17.99 USD per year for your domain.

In addition, you can lower the per month cost even lower if you decide on a 36-month plan. So, not a bad deal at all. Again, if you decide on getting that free domain you can simply follow on to the next step. The good news is you can get the free domain as well as your hosting in one, single step.

siteground blog

Step Two: Choose Your Domain

Again, choosing your domain is essential and important. So, make sure it is something catchy and unique. No, you don't necessarily have to have a specific keyword in the domain name. That being said, you do want it to be relevant to the topic of your blog. For example, if you are writing about recipes you don't want a keyword that doesn't have any relation to food or nutrition right? Siteground makes it very easy to know if the domain name you have in mind is available or not.

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So, type in the domain name you wish to purchase. Once that is completed it will walk you through the steps to check out. Again, buying hosting and the domain itself is done all in one step but we're combing it all in this post for you.

Step Three: Buy Hosting for your New Blog

The process of setting up your new WordPress blog with Siteground is simple. Our goal with this post is to discuss how much does it cost to start a blog and the overall costs of blogging.

  • The cheapest possible price is to choose the “StartUp” plan. I feel this is basically the only plan you really need at first. Again, it is only $2.99 per month through my link (this is due in full for the year or $35.88 USD when you sign up). Remember, if you choose to sign up for 3 years it is at an awesome price of just $10.49 per month or $377.64 for three full years. Of course, as a beginner the StartUp plan may be the best way to go. Again, only $2.99 per month for 12 months (paid in full at sign up). $35.88 for a full year is not a bad deal at all when first starting off too. Of course, if you do choose the 36-month plan your overall costs will be lower over the long-term.
  • Yes, you can skip the GrowBig and GoGeek plans as they are really for more advanced bloggers. In addition, if you just want to focus one blog you really don't need these at the start. These plans are more expensive and are only needed if you plan to have unlimited websites. The majority of people do not. So, there isn't really a need for the extra bells and whistles unless you plan on having more than one blog or website.
  • Domain privacy is available with Siteground. It basically protects your contact information. It is not mandatory but is something you may want to consider. The price for this is only $1 per month or $12/year.
  • Aside from the above mentioned items you really don't need any other perks that Siteground sells. So, no need to check any of the other items during the check out process. Siteground's website is encrypted. So, your credit card information is 100 percent safe when paying for your domain and hosting.

Key Items to Keep in Mind

I would not recommend paying month to month with Siteground. The reason being is you will be paying $19.99 per month if you choose this. It is a much wiser move to pay up-front for a year as this lowers you cost down to just $2.99 per month. So, by signing up for 12 months you are paying a significantly lower price. In addition, you won't have to deal with worrying your website goes down after 30 days.

Remember, if your hosting is not renewed or if the card Siteground has on file for your expires your website could go down. So, you will risk losing your business, traffic as well as visitors if this happens. People that choose to pay month-to-month run the risk of this happening. So, be wise and choose a long-term plan. It will lessen any concern you will ever have of losing your domain and business. Again, always think of how can I be most effective with my website. Also, the longer you sign up for the less it is going to cost you over the long-term.

So, blog hosting with Siteground is going to cost you only $35.88 for one year which is an awesome deal to say the least. The best possible value would be aiming at a 36-month (3-year plan) which costs just $10.49 per month (paid in full at check out).

Siteground Blog Steps to Join

The steps blow are how to buy your domain and hosting for your new Wordprss blog with Siteground.

  1. Go to Siteground and click the blue “View Plans” button.
  2. Click on the plan you are focused on choosing.
  3. Choose your domain name you decided on earlier, or sign up for a new domain name here.
  4. Enter your personal and credit card information.
  5. You will then be asked to enter your password. Remember, ensure that it is secure and not a simple password as this information is very important.
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You can always reach out to me at nathan [at] protonmail [dot]com if you need help.

Final Step

Step Four: Install WordPress on Siteground

Congratulations! You are nearing completion of having your very own website. So, if you want to have your own legitimate domain and start your own blog and business online continue reading.

The good news is this part is simple and not difficult at all. Siteground makes this step simple and easy to create your first WordPress blog.

  • Once you create your password, Siteground walks you through the exact steps you need to take to start your blog.
  • For starters, Siteground will ask you to pick the theme of your blog. Yes, you will have random, free themes here to pick from. Remember, you can always change the design theme of your blog at anytime.
  • Click on “Start Building”
  • You will come to a new scree where choose “Business” or “Personal”. It is totally up to you which of these two you want to choose. Of course, you can always click the “I don’t need help.”

Closing Thoughts

WELL DONE! You officially now have and own your first WordPress blog. I hope you now have an idea of how much does it cost to start a blog with Siteground.

Below are some additional tips on how to get to know WordPress:

  • You will want to click on “Posts” within the WordPress Dashboard to start writing your first posts once you are logged in.
  • You can add new pictures by clicking on “Media” in the left-hand column of your dashboard.
  • Select “Widgets” (also found in left-hand column of your WordPress dashboard) in the “Appearance” tab to add items to your footer, sidebar and elsewhere.
  • I highly recommend Podia if you are seeking to build your e-mail list or send e-mails to your website visitors. I have been with them for years and you can even create courses and products to sell to your visitors. Remember, always seek out ways to answer problems others have first. Focus on their needs first and worry about what you want second and you will be successful.
  • Are you seeking a sleek and stylish look for the design of your blog? If so, definitely consider looking into Kadence or Studiopress. Of course, there are many free, WordPress themes out there to choose from. That being said, if you want to make your WordPress theme to really pop and look awesome these are my two top recommendations. Once you are logged into your WordPress website click on “Themes”. You can then active your new theme there, simply and easily.
  • I would highly recommend checking our 6-figure blogger or Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. These two courses will teach you how to start earning money with your blog.
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Dr. Nathan Pennington is a 2:19 marathoner, former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program earning his Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He brings over 10 years of online entrepreneurial experience in helping people learn how to blog, earn income online and build passive income streams outside of what the school system teaches.