Side Hustles for Women

side hustles for women
Side Hustles for Women


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There are many side hustles for women available to you. The problem is our school systems rarely talk about them. I didn't learn anything about these in business school. In addition, I am currently working on my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from the University of Missouri-St Louis and still waiting to hear them brought up. My goal with this post is to help the strong women out there seeking financial freedom.

Perhaps you love what you do for a living and are just looking to supplement your income. If so, this post will be of assistance too. Linear income is what we all have been taught to work hard for. What about making money work hard for us and building passive income? Yes, passive income can become a reality but it does take consistent work. In addition, thinking outside the box. Again, these strategies are rarely taught in the halls of academia.

Investing in courses that will help you build your website or using Pinterest to build your brand are great ways to grow your income online.

What can women do as a side hustle?

Start a YouTube Channel – Why? Well, it is free to do so. That being said, you will need to obtain 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you can start having Google ads running on your videos. Of course, this is more of a long-term idea. So, the bigger your channel grows the more potential income you are going to make.

Remember, once you meet these objectives you can continue to make money via ads for years to come. Also, the more videos you make means there will be even greater opportunity to earn residual income. The key here is to be patient as this does take time. Of course, there are methods you can search for online that can help you get to the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time MUCH faster…

Do you have a specific skill you can teach to others? Why not make YouTube videos about it and start sharing your knowledge with other people online. YouTube can help you find customers from around the world. The key is to create consistent content. Yes, starting your own YouTube channel is one of the best side hustles for women out there. The reason being is you can create your own brand and eventually start selling your products to your subscribers.

Start Your Own Blog

I wrote an extensive about creating a Siteground blog you may want to check out. Blogging is one of the top side hustle for women options out there. The reason being is you can create content around what your potential customers are already searching for. Remember, you never want to just write about anything that comes to mind.

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My top recommendation is to invest in a tool that can help you find what your customers are already seeking out. For example., KWFinder. KWFinder will help you to pinpoint low competition, high demand keywords to write about. One of the major mistakes new bloggers make is writing about any topic they can think of. Remember, if no one is searching for it, it doesn't matter how great your content is.

There are plenty of free and paid WordPress or Weebly themes out there to make your blog look beautiful. My top recommendations are Weebly and the Kadence theme (WordPress).

Try KWFinder out free for 10 days.

Become a Transcriptionist

There are many softwares out there that will pay you for transcribing videos and content that other people have made. For example, Rev and Fiverr are two great sources you can sign up with. You may also want to consider using Swagbucks. Swagbucks will pay women for filling out surveys or doing things on their website.

In exchange, you earn Swagbucks for completing them. Again, just one of several other side hustles for women that can help bring in additional income. The key is to build to a point where you are earning residual income. Income that is not dependent on you having to show up somewhere in order to get paid.

Yes, there are some examples here that still require you to trade your time for money. That being said, it is still income. Income that you can shift into other assets that will yield you passive income if you are patient enough.

How can a girl make extra money?

Start a home based business. One of the best financial decisions I ever made was to get involved with network marketing. I don't care how many “get rich quick scheme” viewpoints you have heard about multi-level marketing in the past, this still is one of the top side hustles for women out there, period. Why? You can work at your own pace and build your business. I have been with Herbalife for a little over 2 years at the time of this writing.

Nutrition Geeks is a website I created helping people find health and wellness benefits. In addition, to start their own health and fitness business. No, being a Herbalife distributor is not a guarantee you will instantly start making residual income. That being said, as your business grows so does your monthly income. Network marketing is one of very few side hustles for women where you can build passive (residual) income. Below is a video I made about how to get started.

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Let's face it. We all have been taught to work hard for linear income. Income that only comes in if you keep showing up for work. What happens if you you get laid off or get sick? Will your employer continue to pay you? Of course not. Are you paid for the work your co-workers do at your job? No, you are only paid for the work that you do.

Start your own home based business here.

How can a girl earn money at home?

Create your own product. Do you have knowledge about a specific subject? Do you know how to cook? Are you a teacher? Do you enjoy making videos? If so, consider checking out Podia helps content creators make courses revolved around a topic they know well. I use Podia for my running courses. I am a 2:19 marathoner so I help other runners from around the world run new personal bests.

The beauty of creating your own course is you can make it once and sell it multiple times for years to come. In addition, Podia doesn't take any of your earnings like does. Also, you can create as many products as you want with Podia. Furthermore, the $33 per month cost to use Podia never changes. So, the more products you make the higher your potential income is going to go.

Again, this is why starting your own blog and YouTube channel are such powerful side hustles for women. You can share the products you create on Podia on your blog and YouTube channel as well.

Try Podia for FREE for 14-days here.

Become a Freelancer

Freelance work may mean you are trading time for money. That being said, it is a wonderful way to supplement your income while you still work your part-time or full-time job. Freelancer is a platform where you can sign up and be hired for doing all sort of different jobs. For example, transcribing, design and writing among many other jobs.

Try Freelancer today and get $20 USD Free toward a job you need done. Also, you can hire other people to do a job for you that you may need completed yourself. For example, hiring someone to design your blog for you. Digital entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful side hustles for women there.

Start an Etsy Shop

Starting an ETSY shop is another great side hustle for women you may want to consider. Again, creating digital products through Podia is one major way of getting your product or service to more people.

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There are female as well as male entrepreneurs creating hand crafted products and even digital products on ETSY. Also, you can sale your own jewelry, painting or just about any other type of product on your ETSY store. Again, you want to create new ways to build income that continues to come in without you having to show up in order to get it.

I firmly believe that digital entrepreneurs are the ones thinking more strategically. Remember, there is plenty of money to be made, limited time. Yes, you may love what you do at your job but there is only so many hours in your day that you can serve people. You and I need sleep and rest. How can you make money throughout your day no matter what you are doing? Starting your own ETSY shop is one major way to do that.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many wide hustle for women options out there. My hope is that this post has been insightful and helped you to think of some new ways to generate income. Again, these are not even taught in business school. School is great but it will only teach you how to be a more highly paid employee. Of course, there is most certainly nothing wrong with being an employee.

In fact, you can still work the job that you love (or hate) and use the above mentioned methods to build your fortune in your spare time. Yes, it does take time and effort. That being said, with enough initiative (and women have plenty of that) there are no limits to what you can do.

Feel free to reach out me anytime at nathanpennington [at] protonmail [dot] com if you have any other questions or concerns. I want to see my visitors succeed and know these women side hustles can most certainly propel you forward financially.

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