pinterest traffic avalanche (2021 Review)

August 9, 2021

Are you seeking more information about the Pinterest traffic avalanche course? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. I took this course seriously myself and have used it on various online businesses that I have created. So, I first started learning about blogging in 2011. I read a great book written by MJ Demarco called the Millionaire Fastlane which changed my DNA completely. Let’s face it. The majority of us have been taught to work hard for money, get good grades, a job and work for someone else. Of course, there is really nothing wrong with this method. That being said, there is a problem that does arise for most employees.

What happens to your paycheck the moment you stop showing up to work? Does your employer continue to pay you regardless if you show up or not? Of course not. Your pay is tied to your time as an employee. You have to keep working hard for linear income or else you do not get paid. Therein lies the problem with most jobs even if we love what we do for a living.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

One of the best methods to get traffic to your new blog is to start posting on Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine in and of itself and one of the most powerful out there. New blogs take time to gain traction with Google. So, a great way to bypass having to wait for your posts to be seen is to post them on Pinterest. Pinterest is a very powerful website and carries with it a great deal of prowess. Lauren McManus and Alex Nerney, founders of created the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. I invested in the course myself and have had significant additional traffic to my websites.


The problem with new blogs is that Google does not see them as authoritative. So, you can write a blog post and then attach your blog url onto a Pinterest pin. Alex and Lauren do a great job of walking new bloggers through the Pinterest pin creation process. In addition, they go into specifics about how to market your blog on this powerful platform as well.

How to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest

What I love about this couple is they had to work their way to 6 figures per month with their blog. It didn’t just happen overnight. In addition, they had failures too with their first couple blogs. Of course, your goal may not even be to generate income with your blog. How to become a full time blogger takes initiative and motivation. I already know have those traits otherwise you would not be here on this website.

Pinterest traffic avalanche is 15-module training course that teaches new and advanced level bloggers how to use Pinterest. More importantly, how to bring traffic to your new website. Of course, if you buy an aged domain the process is much faster. Aged domains are expired websites that already have powerful websites pointing to it. Of course, the problem with this is you need an up front investment in order to purchase an aged domain. So, courses like this help new bloggers to bypass having to wait for Google to find their content. You can post your blog post into a Pinterest pin. Thus, increasing your chances of your blog posts being ranked and found faster with Google.

How much traffic you get from Pinterest?

You need to have a long-term vision with Pinterest much like blogging. Of course, if you are consistent your chances of success greatly increase. I have always been a big believer in self-development. So, I was willing to make the investment. This couple were willing to think outside the box and so was I.


There are a few ways you can drive new traffic to your website by using Pinterest. Below are a few…

  • Use keyword research tools like KWFinder to drive traffic.
  • Place the keywords you find using KWFinder into your Pin titles, alt text and descriptions.
  • Use the related keywords you find with KWFinder in your Board descriptions and titles
  • Use the keyword your customer is searching for in your blog post title.
  • Create curiosity with your Pins using graphics. Canva is a great tool to create Pinterest pins.

How do I optimize my blog for Pinterest?

The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course walks you through 16 modules. All of which are broken down into further, detailed training videos. Below are the modules….

  • Introduction to the Program
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Topics
  • Laying the Foundation to Pinterest Success
  • Getting Starting and Setting Up Your Account for Success
  • Pinterest Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating Viral Content and Pins
  • Pinning Strategies
  • Increase Reach with Group Boards
  • Automating your Pinterest Traffic
  • Other Tailwind Tools: Community and Smartloop
  • Analytics and Tracking Progress
  • Boost Traffic With Promoting Pins
  • Other Pinning Tools

Bonus Lessons

  • Pinterest Ninja Secrets
  • Other Traffic Platforms
  • Six-Figure Blogger Content

How do I get noticed on Pinterest?

The first way to get noticed is to invest in yourself. One of the fastest way to grow your blog as a beginner or advanced blogger is study what successful bloggers do. We are not lukewarm about this. Bloggers who want freedom will do whatever it takes to succeed. You have to find your why when it comes to your blog. Again, if you are starting a brand new blog this course is an absolute must. The reason being is a brand new blog takes much longer to get traffic as opposed to an aged domain.

So, to use leverage find out the methods that top bloggers are using in order to increase your chances of success. I came across one of Lauren and Alex’s blog posts that had to do with how do I drive 300k traffic to my blog with Pinterest. I decided to invest in the course and learn the methods they were using. My best advice to new bloggers is to find out what successful bloggers do and simply duplicate their methods. Yes, sometimes we have to make the commitment to invest. Of course, you can always try to do it on your own but don’t expect it to be easy or fast.

How long does Pinterest take to work?

The methods Alex and Lauren teach in the Pinterest traffic avalanche course will drastically increase your chances of success. There are so many areas people miss when it comes to Pinterest. In addition, many bloggers just write blog posts that come to their minds. Remember, you need to find out what your customers are searching for first. Then, start writing your content revolved around what those customers are already searching for.

I, too, didn’t know what I was doing back in 2011 when I started I wrote blog posts about anything using keywords no one was searching for. Thus, my reasoning for recommending KWFinder to new and advanced bloggers. Remember, it isn’t about working harder but smarter.

Closing Thoughts

So, if you want to increase the chances of getting more traffic to your new blog I highly recommend considering the Pinterest traffic avalanche course. Yes, it is uncomfortable investing in a course that you may feel will not work. I have used the methods Lauren and Alex teach with my rundreamachieve Pinterest account and now have over 30,000 visitors per month to my blog. I am also implementing the strategies that they teach with this website as well. Internet of Business is an aged domain that I just recently purchased at the time of this post (8 August 2021).

So, this website is relatively new. That being said, I am sharing everything that I have used to grow my other online properties here now with you. The time to take action is now. In addition, there are so many possibilities for you as a blogger. There are most certainly pros and cons to blogging. It takes time to generate content and results don’t always come quickly. That being said, the rewards far outweigh the cons when it comes to blogging. Remember, you are the authority on your chosen subject matter. So, be willing to share it. You can most certainly increase traffic to your new blog using courses like the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

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