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Pinterest Marketing Course | Tips to Succeed
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Are you searching for the best Pinterest marketing course to start earning online? Would you like to get more traffic to your blog, website or online business? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. There are a variety of Pinterest Courses for bloggers accessible on the market nowadays.

Remember, almost every blogger learns how to use this traffic-generating monster to attract quick and free visits. That being said, some Pinterest courses are better than others, not all are alike. A large proportion of them are a complete waste of your hard-earned money and time.

Advantages of a Pinterest Course for Bloggers

Pinterest is the most effective way to get targeted traffic to your website. Of course, it shouldn't be the only source of traffic you focus on. So, learning SEO from the start will prepare you for a lifetime. In addition, you can grow organic, reliable traffic to your blog, website or online business.

Pinterest is now one of the most successful ways for bloggers to obtain free traffic to their websites. Also, it can be achieved in a short period of time. So, successful bloggers rely on Pinterest as their primary source of traffic these days. Of course, this does not happen by just clicking a button.

My top recommended course of them all is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. Alex and Lauren over at CreateandGo created it. That being said, below are a few others to consider.

Top Pinterest Marketing courses

Earnings from Your Pins

The Pin for Profits: Beginners Bundle is a thorough Pinterest Course taught by McKenzie Bean of Mom Makes Cents. This Pinterest Course for Bloggers is a step-by-step guide to strategically using Pinterest to promote your blog or business. Furthermore, it is intended to assist you in growing your blog or business. It is an ideal alternative for bloggers who are new to using Pinterest as a blogging platform.

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This Pinterest Course is broken into two important components of knowing Pinterest for blogging.

Pinterest for Profits : Foundations

The Pinterest Foundations course provides an in-depth look at how to create a profitable Pinterest strategy. With the help of these 30 courses, video tutorials, and worksheets, you will learn how to…

  • Set up your Pinterest account strategically.
  • Rich Pins
  • Improve the look of your Pinterest profile.
  • Create Pins with the potential to become viral.
  • More sophisticated pinning strategies to get the click!

Pin for Profits: Tailwind

This useful course contains six video lectures that will walk you through the process of designing a powerful strategy using the Tailwind scheduler. How can you do so, let’s see it.

  • Tailwind allows you to schedule pins.
  • Tailwind Tribes work with Tailwind Analytics to help you drive traffic.
  • You can quickly recycle your material with the Tailwind Smartloop.

Pinterest Ninja

The Pinterest Ninja Course was created by Megan Johnson of Love Family Health and is one of the best Pinterest marketing course online.  Pinterest Ninja is the service for you if you are new to Pinterest and want someone to lead you through the process from start to finish. This interactive eCourse walks you through the full process of creating a Business Pinterest account, as well as comprehending pinning, Pinterest SEO, the Pinterest algorithm, and much more!

I consider this Pinterest Course to be thorough as a consequence of her addition of affiliate marketing courses in the Bonus section. The Pinterest Ninja Course curriculum is summarised below:

  • Each Chapter has 2–7 training videos.
  • Setup and Fundamentals (Chapter 1)
  • Chapter 2: Group Boards and Niche Boards
  • Modeule 3: Keywords
  • Chapter 4: All About Pins
  • Chapter 5: Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinning Strategies and Tailwinds (Chapter 6)
  • Bonus: Social Media Tips
  • Affiliate Marketing is a bonus.
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Megan hosts a private Facebook group where she conducts a LIVE monthly training and answers your questions. Remember, affiliate marketing is also a great way to generate income online aside from Pinterest.

Pinteresting Strategies

Pinteresting Strategies is a popular Pinterest course founded by Carly. Carly is the founder of Mommy on Purpose. She walks you through how she gets over 200k views each month on Pinterest. In addition, how her pinning technique earns her thousands of dollars. Also, she teaches you how to use her very successful manual pinning method.

This course contains both video and written content and the format is a hybrid of the two. It has a good flow to it. In addition, it is chock-full of golden nuggets throughout. Also, Carly has also recently added Tailwind ways for those who want to use Tailwind as a tool. In addition, important Pinterest techniques, such as the ones listed below, are incorporated in her curriculum:

  • Follow these simple steps to get started with Pinterest.
  • Is this a good or bad niche?
  • What is the Pinterest algorithm and how does it work?
  • Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) is a subcategory of SEO.
  • The most effective method for creating clickable pins
  • After you finish this course, the distinction between “new” and “fresh” pins will be meaningless.
  • Do your followers still matter to you?
  • What Pinterest's stats are attempting to convey to you
  • Using Google Analytics, you may learn the following about your Pinterest traffic:
  • Is it a good idea to create video pins for your website?
  • Will group boards still exist in 2020?
  • It's worth considering what kinds of photos do best on the site.
  • What should you do if your account has been suspended or terminated?
  • BONUS: There are 15 Pin Templates included!
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Pinterest Ads for Practical Promotions

The best Pinterest marketing course available is Monica Froese's Pin Practical Promotions. It is also the most extensive. This course can help you if you need a Pinterest strategy that isn't affected by algorithm updates. Also, you can learn everything you can about Pinterest ads so that you can start delivering Pinterest services.

Pin Practical Promotions is your next-level training in how to plan and execute your pins. In addition, it helps you to assess and modify profitable promoted pin campaigns at a low cost to you. Furthermore, it is a low-cost training. Also, it will educate you how to plan, execute, analyze profitable promoted pin campaigns.

People feel that “paying” for promoted Pins is the same as “spending” money. Of course, this is not true. This course is designed to help you change your mind about this problem. Remember, you will be “investing” your money in order to earn more money in the future. So, that is the distinction between pushing stuff at random and promoting content with a well-defined offensive strategy. Lastly, I hope this post on what are some of the best Pinterest marketing course options online has been helpful to you.

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