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Modular Distance Learning | Course Tips


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Modular distance learning is teaching a topic, by digital means, by 1 or more people online. I often get asked what is a way to generate income with my blog. My response is to take the time to create an online course. Courses are a method to help solve a problem. The online content economy is now valued at over 13.8 billion USD and continues to grow daily. People around the world are slowly realizing that trading time (life) for a highly taxed paycheck is no longer a legitimate way to live.

So, you have to think outside the box. There are tools and resources shared here that will help you. I highly recommend Podia. Podia is the platform that I use to create online courses and teach via modular distance leaning. What is a topic that you know well? Are you good at math? Why not create an online course and share it on your blog? You can help solve a problem that many people have by doing thus.

What is the modular distance learning?

Modular distance learning is based around a specific topic by a teacher. The teacher may have tasks for the student to complete or it may just be a set of modules to listen to. I create running courses over at our sister site,, for athletes. The course are built to help runners seeking to run faster from the mile to the 50k race distance. So, the end goal is to solve a need first.

Digital entrepreneurship is a massive industry to be a part of. That being said, to be a successful online content creator your focus needs to be on others. It should not be on how much money you can make. Yes, an online course or courses can be profitable.

The online content creator has to be patient as quick results do not come about overnight. What is a need that you can help solve? Are you into fitness? Perhaps, you can help other people to lose weight. Are you good at cooking? Why not create a course revolved around recipes and healthier eating? What I love about Podia is that you can create as many online courses as you wish and they do not take any of your sale. It is a monthly charge of only $33 USD to use Podia.

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What is the importance of modular distance learning?

One way that modular distance learning is important for bloggers is it is simple for the viewer. People that are interested in your course can watch the modules you create in your course, anywhere. Digital entrepreneurs help to solve needs online. Are you camera shy? If so, you can create a course that is completely text-based. So, you create your modules and lessons within the modules of your course first.

There are many content creators who create their courses that are 100% text-based. So, the lessons you can create within the modules of your course can be written out. Of course, creating videos may be a quicker way of getting your point across. That being said, you can choose to make videos, write our your lessons or do a combination of both.

I also highly recommend investing in a course yourself. One course I have used to grow my online income is the 6-figure blogger course. You can click the button below to learn more about it. It is the best course I have found on the exact steps to increase your income online with your blog.


How do I create an online course content?

I would first create an outline so that you can visualize the topics of your course. For example, my Army ACFT 2 mile running course consists of 9 modules with 58 video lessons. It is a course to help runners (both military and civilian) seeking to run faster from the mile to the 4 mile distance. The modules are 100% video based so there is no text written in the lessons. That being said, you can still be successful in helping teach a topic with modular distance learning that is 100% text-based too.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

Zig Ziglar

Again, creating an online course is one of the best ways to generate residual income. Remember, once you make it, the course is complete. So, you can continue to sell it over and over again for years to come. The most important tip I can share in this post is to shift your focus off what you want and place it on what your customer desires. How can you help solve a problem that they have.

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Is selling online courses profitable?

It can be but you have to do proper long-tail keyword research too. Also, your subject has to be one that other people are already searching for. I use a software called KWFinder to help me find keywords that are highly searched but have low competition. So, I wouldn't recommend trying to create a blog post or course revolved around blogging. Blogging is a highly competitive and searched term that will be extremely difficult to rank for.

I mentioned the 6-figure blogger course above. That is more niched down. People all over the world know what 6-figures means. It is making at least $100,000 USD (or the equivalent in your countries currency) per month or year. So, find out first specific, more niched-down topics that are not so broad. You then want to create your course revolved around that topic.

Yes, it can be profitable. That being said, you need to be consistent in your content creation. I would recommend creating your course and then writing blog posts about that topic. You can use KWFinder to help you filter out easy keywords from moderately hard and very hard keywords. Of course, you will want to distance yourself from extremely difficult keywords to write about.


How much do online course creators make?

It really comes down to your strategy. The only way to to get more traffic to your website is either by ads or consistent, content creation. So, creating the course is only the first step. Remember, you can create a course but if no one can find it how profitable do you think you'll be? Online course creators can make anywhere from a few extra US dollars per month to several thousand US dollars (or the equivalent in your countries currency) per month.

It all comes down to consistent content creation. One of the best methods, outside of blogging, to get more traffic is to start your own YouTube channel. I started mine in 2019 and wish I had started it back in 2005 when YouTube launched. Remember, you can get your channel monetized once you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. So, sharing your expertise via video is one way of getting the word out about your online course.

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Closing Thoughts

Modular distance learning is a major way to help solve a need that other people have. It is also very easy for people to watch and view your content via video platforms. Again, always go back to what is it that my potential customers are already searching for. What is a problem that they have that you may be able to provide a solution to.

We all have expertise in something. Perhaps, you are good at drawing or gardening. Why not create a course with the Podia platform to help them get better at that.

Remember, you outline how many modules should be in your course. In addition, write out the lessons you want to include in each of your modules. Podia makes it simple to do this. Again, you can create your course in either text or video format. So, if you are more of an introvert, create a 100% text course. You can also add in some videos to your course later.

You may want to create 100% video courses like I teach. I hope that this post has been helpful. Make sure to subscribe to the Internet of Business YouTube channel. I aim to create at least 1 new video there each week to help online content creators such as yourself.

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Dr. Nathan Pennington is a 2:19 marathoner, former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program earning his Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He brings over 10 years of online entrepreneurial experience in helping people learn how to blog, earn income online and build passive income streams outside of what the school system teaches.