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Infoproducts | Tips to Build Your Brand
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Remember, when it comes to infoproducts it really comes down to the customer, not us. Find out what problem other people have and do your best to solve that problem. I think a problem that many solopreneurs, digital entrepreneurs and small start-up individuals have is focusing on what we want. It isn't about us. I started building products in 2011 when I started my first website,

I have been an athlete (runner) my entire life. Thus, had a high interest in helping runners run faster and achieve their fitness goals. So, created to provide content to help them achieve what they were seeking. There are many runners seeking to drop time off of their current personal best for their chosen race. Of course, many other runners have other goals like qualifying for the Boston marathon or Olympic trials.

What is Infoproducts?

Infoproducts can be anything from a PDF to a course. I use a software called Podia which helps me to create courses revolved around topics I know well. For example, my running courses help runners seeking to run faster from the mile to the marathon distance. Podia handles all of the payment processing. In addition, they don't take any percentage of my sales. It is one flat rate of $33 per month (higher prices based on the monthly option you choose).

Also, you can create as many infoproducts as you wish. I highly recommend checking out Podia if you have a desire to create infoproducts. You can also create membership sites, house your e-mail marketing on their platform. In addition, can even make your own website with Podia. So, an infoproduct is a digital download or a product which someone can easily digest. It is not a product that a customer will have to wait for to be delivered to their home.

Learn More About Podia

What are examples of information products?

Below are some examples of infoproducts that you can focus on building or creating for your customers.

  • E-books
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites
  • Online courses
  • Cheat sheets
  • Live events
  • Planners or trackers
  • Reports and analysis
  • Teardowns and templates
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Again, always put your focus on what is a problem that other people have. Also, what can you do to create an infoproduct that can help solve that problem for others. Your focus always has to be on what other people want. Worry about what you want second and you will be a successful entrepreneur. Digital entrepreneurship takes creativity and innovation.


How to sell info products

This is where you have to think outside the box. Of course, you can take the route which takes money and run Google or Youtube ads to your infoproducts. That being said, this takes capital and maybe you are running low on that. My suggestion is to think long-term. Remember, it takes approximately 6 months to a year to build a brand online with a website. Content creation is absolutely essential.

More importantly, keyword research. My top recommendation is to focus on long-tail keywords that your potential customers are already searching for in the search engines. A common mistake that many new solopreneurs and digital entrepreneurs make is writing about anything that comes to mind. What good is your expertise and knowledge if people never see it? So, you have to be strategic in selling your information products. I use a software called KWFinder. It helps me filter out hard keywords from easy ones that I can easily rank for.

So, to tell your info products use your website, YouTube channel and blog content. Of course, this option takes longer than running ads to your product. That being said, it can be much beneficial long-term. You create your blog content or make a YouTube video about your infoproduct and it can continue to work for you for years to come. Make sense?

Learn More About KWFinder

What digital products are in demand 2022?

The top digital products high in demand in 2022 are e-books, courses membership sites and stock videos to name a few. You will also find that most successful info products are all based around need that people have in the marketplace. You can also start your own YouTube channel and share your infoproducts in your videos.

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In addition, you can share your videos on other platforms like Odysee, Bitchute, Vimeo and more. So, you just have to think outside the box. How can I get more eyeballs on my products and other people's products (affiliate marketing) that other people have an interest in. You can do this by blogging, making youtube videos and search engine optimization.

Where I can sell digital products?

You can sell digital products on platforms like Podia, Gumroad, Squarespace and other platforms online. That being said, I always advocate starting your own website. You can create blog posts revolved around long-tail keywords that your customers are already searching for. Again, keyword research is vital for you to start selling your digital products. You have to start getting traffic to your website.

So, in order to do that, you have to be wise in what content you create. Remember, find a problem that thousands or millions of people have and do your best to solve that problem. Create your info product based on that premise and you cannot go wrong. You don't want to do create a product that no one has interest in.

The best place to sell your digital, infoproducts is on your own website. I write that because you own that piece of online real estate. Don't have a website yet? No problem. You can buy your own for just $17.99 USD (or the equivalent in your countries currency) on Siteground. I use Siteground to house all of my websites. They also have great customer support.

Can you make money selling information?

Yes but what you need even more of is tenacity and persistence. Is see far too many bloggers quitting online. Remember, this is a long-term play. Who doesn't want residual income. We all have been taught to work hard for linear income. Well, what happens the moment you stop showing up for work? Does your employer continue to send you that paycheck? No. The paycheck stops coming in the moment you get off the hamster wheel.

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So, we have to think outside the box here. Info products are and have been for several years, in high demand. E-books are another infoproduct that is very popular. You can create an e-book using Canva. I use Canva for many things such as creating ebooks, making YouTube thumbnails and much more. So, there are many resources online to help get you started in creating your infoproducts.

Learn More About Canva

Closing Thoughts

I also highly suggest checking out the two courses mentioned in this post. You can find out more about them by clicking on either of the orange buttons here. Online courses are an example of an infoproduct that can help you build your brand online. In addition, help you get more traffic to your website. The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and 6-figure blogger course are two courses I purchased myself and currently use.

Remember, be patient with yourself. Creating infoproducts takes time and effort. A lot of people don't have the patience or are tenacious enough to see legitimate results. Again, this isn't about us. How successful do you truly want to be?

How badly do you want to generate residual income? Remember, residual income continues to come in for having worked hard once. It is drastically different than trading life (time) for a highly taxed paycheck. I hope that this post has been helpful. Also, that the resources mentioned here will help you build your own information product(s).

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Dr. Nathan Pennington is a 2:19 marathoner, former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program earning his Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He brings over 10 years of online entrepreneurial experience in helping people learn how to blog, earn income online and build passive income streams outside of what the school system teaches.