How to Start Vlogging with Phone

how to start vlogging with phone
How to Start Vlogging with Phone
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Are you searching for how to start vlogging with phone tips? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. Vlogging is one of the best ways to build your brand, reach new people and get past being an introvert. I, too, am one but starting two YouTube channels was one of the best financial decisions I've ever made. More importantly, it has allowed me to meet new friends and network with businesses.

So, how to start vlogging with phone means you need to be willing to press record. One of the most common mistakes I see new bloggers and vloggers make is worrying about being perfect. Remember, the majority of people will not take action. Of course, this doesn't make them any less than you and I. The reality is the majority of people have been taught a philosophy that does not work.

The old Industrial Aged concept of trading time for money has no, mathematically speaking, leverage built around it. There are only so many hours in a day you can provide a service to someone else. So, you have to start thinking of new ways to generate income. Vlogging is one way to do that.

How do Beginners start vlogging?

Well, the first way to start is write down your purpose. What is it you want to talk about? More importantly, can you provide insight that other people will want to learn about. There are people all over the world who have expertise in various topics. You may understand a topic that other people deem difficult. For example, mathematics. My wife is a mathematics professor and finds it easy. That being said, through her teaching she has found a way to help other people learn the topic.

So, the key thing to remember as you are getting started on your vlogging is journey is serving others. Remember, focus on solving a need within the marketplace first. A common mistake made by many people is creating content around anything that comes to mind. My top recommendation is to invest in a tool that will help you use leverage. I use TubeBuddy and have for several years.

Tubebuddy will ensure you are finding long-tail keywords that your potential customers are seeking. Again, you have to get to the heart of what your customer wants and needs. Tubebuddy helps you to find low competition, high in demand keywords. So, you are not just guessing at what to vlog about. Also, it will help you filter out difficult keywords your YouTube channel will not be able to rank for. Lastly, help you find easy keywords you can rank for.

Try TubeBuddy out now for 30 days with money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Be Consistent

One of my common answers to people seeking how to start vlogging with phone is to be consistent. Remember, the vast majority of people will start but how many will stick to vlogging seriously? Yes, it does require time and effort. That being said, you have the opportunity to build residual income by doing so. Did you know you can start a YouTube channel for free. So, it doesn't cost you anything to get started.

Also, you can easily record a video on your phone and upload it to YouTube via the YouTube studio app. Blogging vs vlogging are really no different. You need to be consistent with your content creation. I wrote an extensive post on why you should consider starting your Siteground blog. Blogging, like vlogging, can help you build your brand. As mentioned above, you can start your very own YouTube channel for free. Also, you can you start monetizing your videos once you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Is vlogging easy?

Yes, it relatively easy. That being said, it feel a bit uncomfortable at first recording yourself. I can assure you that it becomes easier the more videos you make. Remember, the key tactic is to always do your keyword research. You can also use Google Trends to find if the keyword topics you are thinking about vlogging about are evergreen or seasonal. For example, cold weather gear may only be popular during the winter. Evergreen content is content you can vlog about that is always going to be popular.

For example, how to lose weight or run a faster marathon. In fact, I created a website called where I write about these topics for that reason. I also created the RunDreamAchieve and Internet of Business YouTube channels for this very reason. Make sure to subscribe to them. I create new content weekly to help athletes as well as new or veteran bloggers and vloggers get ahead.

Vlogging is easy but staying consistent is not. Again, you have to be patient and very interested in your chosen topic. We all have something we love to talk about. You may be a gamer, like to draw or teach. So, use your expertise and experience to help other people. You do that by blogging and vlogging. Remember, the more videos you create the higher your chances people will see what you have to offer.

What is the best topic for vlogging?

When it comes to how to start vlogging with phone or your camera below are some top areas to think about…

  • Health and wellness
  • Finance vlogs
  • Daily vlogs
  • Travel vlogs
  • Humor vlogs (there are many successful YouTubers doing comedic favorite is Ed Bassmaster)
  • Music vlogs
  • Vlogs about the tech industry
  • Fintech vlogs

What camera do vloggers use?

Well, you don't need to necessarily invest in a camera especially if you are a beginner. You can still use your phone to vlog. That being said, as you get more advanced with building your YouTube channel, blog and brand it is wise to invest in one. I use the Canon EOS for most of my vlogging. In addition, I highly recommend getting yourself a GoPro9 Black camera as well for outdoor vlogging.

Again, it just depends on how you want to vlog. Of course, the easiest way to get started is to simply press record on your phone and upload. Remember, don't create content around anything that comes to mind. I use KWFinder for when I am blogging to find the best keywords. As mentioned above, TubeBuddy is my go to to find content I want to vlog about. The reason for using these tools is to ensure you find low competition, highly searched inquires.

How do I promote my YouTube video?

There are useful tools that will speed up your learning of how to vlog properly and promote your YouTube video. One of the top recommended tools that I use is Canva. You can easily create beautiful thumbnails that you can upload with your video. Remember, your thumbnail is going to be the first thing your potential viewers are going to see. Canva has thousands of beautifully designed templates already made. You can simply edit them to fit your needs.

Remember, don't put a ton of text on your thumbnails. Keep it short and simple and write something pops and will get your potential customers attention. You can create numerous designs with Canva from logos, t-shirts designs (creating your own merch store is another revenue stream idea to consider) to Instagram graphics. You name it, Canva just about has it all and will make you look professional as a social media influencer in no time.

Sign up for Canva for FREE

Closing Thoughts

Remember, focus on the needs of others first and worry about what you want second. The most successful vloggers focus on their niche and their potential visitors and customers. So, as you begin your vlogging or blogging journey focus on solving a need that someone else has. There has never been a better time than now to become a digital entrepreneur. Digital entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to get beyond just trading time for money.

78 percent of the American population are living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Well, they all have been taught a flawed strategy of relying on one source of income. People are waking up daily to the fact that one income source is simply not enough. So, they are choosing to vlog and blog instead. The beauty of being a vlogger or blogger or both is you can still work your full-time or part-time job.

The key tactic is to maintain consistency and your hard work will eventually pay off. Yes, it takes time to build a YouTube following and to monetize your channel. That being said, there are other ways to start earning income even with a brand new channel. For example, affiliate marketing, starting a home based business or creating a product and sharing it with your subscribers. I hope this post on how to start vlogging with phone has been helpful to you. Make sure to consider the tools that I have mentioned in this post to speed up your success rate.

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