How to Monetize a WordPress Blog?

How to monetize a WordPress blog
How to Monetize a WordPress Blog?
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Are you wondering how to monetize a wordpress blog? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. I am excited you made it here. Earning money from your blog is something that every blogger secretly wishes for, right? A little bit of writing for enjoyment, and then you can get rich while sleeping.

Fantastic. The likelihood that you will become a millionaire is, of course, extremely remote. However, you can usually earn some extra cash with your blog in a relatively easy way. Especially if you have a nice niche and/or a large volume of visitors.

Making money with WordPress blog

The good news is that you don't have to be a salesperson to do it. I've been blogging for over 10 years and have 3 other website aside from Internet of Business. I now have some extra cash in my pocket. So, I want to discuss some of the opportunities I've uncovered in recent years for making money with your blog. No, blogging is not dead. There has never been a better time than now to start earning online income. How to monetize a WordPress blog takes time and patience but can be done.

I primarily use WordPress because I am unfamiliar with other CMS platforms. As a result, several advice apply only to WordPress. Of course, this applies to all of the alternatives listed below; the more visitors you have, the more money you may earn.


AdSense – How to monetize WordPress with AdSense?

Placing Google Adsense banners on your blog is the simplest and most accessible approach to begin earning money with blogging. For instance, at the top of your blog, to the right of your logo (a leaderboard), or on your site's sidebar. All you have to do is set up a Google Adsense account and design a banner.

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Then copy the code and paste it into a text widget in your sidebar. If you wish to place a banner on a leaderboard spot, your theme must allow it (often it is in your theme options or there is widget space in the header). Every month (from September to December), the AdSense banner in the sidebar of my blog earns me a few hundred dollars. You can also utilize banners from brands or online stores that you believe are appropriate for your blog.

Premium or hosted banners.

AdSense will automatically supply banners to your blog without your intervention. You can, of course, sell adverts and banners yourself. This is also known as a hosted or premium banner.

AdRotate and AdManager are two WordPress plugins that allow you to effortlessly host a banner from an advertiser and even rotate the banners (if you have numerous suppliers). Many themes now have unique widgets that allow you to simply add an advertiser's banner in your sidebar.

You should definitely check out the other resources available to you here at Internet of Business. how to monetize a wordpress blog? I would strong suggest investing in one of the resources available to you here at Internet of Business. For example, the 6-figure blogger or Pinterest Traffic avalanche courses.

Advertorials & Sponsored Articles

Many parties are interested in an advertorial since they are given space for an entire blog article to draw attention to their own brand, company, product, or service. It's a good idea to inform your readers that your written content contains paid content.

You have the option of allowing marketers to furnish the content (written + royalty-free images). In addition, you might even offer to compose the text yourself. You can charge them extra money if they want you to write the text. The same is true if they want me to photograph the sponsored article.

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However, it is critical to use caution when referring to the advertorial as such. Google is increasingly penalizing pages that contain terms such as ‘sponsored', ‘promoted' and ‘advertorial'; and that is bad for both your pagerank and that of your advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn money by including links to online stores in your blogs; this is known as affiliate marketing. Most online stores have an affiliate partner, such as Awin, TradeDoubler, TradeTracker, or Daisycon. You can start earning money with the links you publish once you sign up there. Create an Excel list of the online businesses of interest to you and the linked affiliate network, for example, and join up everywhere.

Some online stores run their own affiliate program. You can, for example, sign up as a partner at and as an affiliate (if that is relevant to your blog). If you want to link to or another website, use the relevant affiliate program's ‘link generator.'

This enables the network to track which visitors to your blog make a purchase. You can use a software like Podia and create a course to sell to other people. In addition, have other people sign up to be affiliates to share your products with others. You can sign up free to be an affiliate for me and get paid 40 percent commissions if you wish.

If this occurs, you will receive a percentage of the purchase price. It takes a little more effort, but you'll have something. You're already writing the articles, so just five minutes of extra labour can earn you money you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. And, from personal experience, you can even earn money with it a few years later. So it's unquestionably worthwhile! Aside from text links, you can also use affiliate banners on your website, just like AdSense banners.

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Paid content versus your own store

I've had little experience with it, but I've heard from experts that you make the greatest money when you sell your own stuff. Consider the following: an online video course, a white paper, or an ebook. Provide this stuff at a minimal cost, and your counter will rise. You must, of course, promote this paid material on your blog. Since 2017, I've been selling digital downloads through my Etsy shop.

Having your own store where you sell things is another method to monetize your blog. Of course, this necessitates the incorporation of payment alternatives within your website. For example, iDeal and Paypal. Fortunately, there are plugins available to help with this, such as WooCommerce. I hope this post on how to monetize a WordPress blog has been helpful to you.

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