How to Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing

How to Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing
How to Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing
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Are you seeking how to earn money online without investment by typing? Well, you are not alone. Welcome to Internet of Business. I am glad you have made it here.

There has never been a better time than now to start earning passive (residual) income online. Of course, earning money without some form of investment is difficult.

Remember, we are talking about your livelihood here. So, you will have to invest in yourself to get what you want. More importantly, finding ways to help other people to get what they want.

I was recently asked to write a post about how to make 2000 a month. Typing is just another one of many ways you can earn income online.

Yes, you can most definitely make money while typing from home. Are you seeking how to increase your typing speed? No worries, there are place online to help you that which I will cover here.

How can I earn real money by typing?

One of the best ways of how to earn money online without investment by typing is starting your own blog. Blogging is one of the best ways to build leverage for yourself.

Of course, it does take time and patience to build a blog. The reason being is you have to create content. In addition, you have to pick the correct keywords.

I use KWFinder to do that. KWFinder ensures you are writing about keywords people are already searching for. In addition, ones that have high search volume and low competition.

Remember, as a new blogger your website will be new. So, it will take time to rank for your chosen keywords. A mistake I see a lot of new bloggers making is writing about anything.

Also, trying to rank for a keyword they have little to no way of ever ranking for. Why? Well, the websites ranking for them are simply too powerful and big. So you earn money online without investment by typing by using leverage.

Can I earn money online by typing?

Yes, it is definitely possible to earn money online by typing. I always tell my clients to focus on the needs of others first. Remember, if you are creating content make sure it serves a purpose. Can you help solve a need that someone else has?

Are you good at drawing? Can you teach? Are you good at cooking or creating recipes? Well, you can write about those topics and help answer people's questions.

Also, you could even create a course around a topic you know well. The result is you can sell that course over and over again to people around the world. Yes, it takes time to make it but once it is made, it is made. I suggest you take a look at Podia. I use Podia for all of my running courses at

Typing is critical in that you can get your message out by written thought. Of course, vlogging is another option but that involves creating videos. So, typing is a great way to get started and earning income online.

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Which is the best online typing jobs without investment?

There are many people seeking job. The great thing about a typing job is most of the time it is remote. So, you can work from home and at your own leisure. No boss of office politics? Yes, please. Of course, there are people all over the world who love what they do for a living. Perhaps you are one of them. So, how to earn money online without investment will still take time to obtain.

The goal with this post is to provide some unique ways in order to do just that. What is required to make money typing online? Well, the good news is all you really need is a laptop or personal computer. Yes, you could even type a post on your cell phone. That being said, that is the last option I would choose of the three.

what are the best online typing jobs

Captioning, transcribing and data entry are three of several other types of typing jobs you can get. Of course, these types of job will have specific typing speed requirements. Accuracy is essential when it comes to doing these types of typing jobs online.

There are numerous jobs to choose from. Below are some ideas of what you can do while earning money online without investment by typing.

You are basically an independent contractor when you work as a typing professional. Remember, you are not an employee for any company. Furthermore, you are independent and make your own hours. So, your income potential is going to come down to how much work you put in.

The important thing to keep in mind is there are resources here to help you earn residual income if you are interested.

How much does a online typist earn?

Again, it will vary based on the amount of work you are putting in. That being said, you can expect to make anywhere from $15,000 to well over $85,000 for top earners.

So, you can make legitimate income as a typist online. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful concept. The reality is most people have not been taught a lot about it.

Remember, as an online typist you can create a business around your skill, if you so desire. One of the things you need to keep in mind is that taxes are not taken out of your income.

So, you have to be very diligent in setting aside funds every time you get paid. Of course, an employee gets an automatic deduction from their paycheck. You, as a typist, are not an employee for any company as discussed above.

Data Entry Jobs

So, seeking how to earn money without investment by typing? Below are a few options to consider to help you to start earning more.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is one of many data entry companies you can work for. Again, you are a freelancer. So, your income generation will come down to how much time you can put in. Remember, typing jobs are only one several ways you can earn income online.

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The great news is that it doesn't cost any money to sign up with Hubstaff Talent. The simple steps of joining means you just need to create a profile. The result is you will then have companies that are seeking professionals such as yourself to hire you.

Of course, you will be working your own hours depending on the needs of the clients. Hubstaff is a great part-time entry opportunity for you. In addition, project based.


Hevo is a great option for professionals seeking data entry typing jobs online. Simple to sign up. It is much like Hubstaff. You create your profile and you will then have companies seeking you out.

Also, they also have jobs available here that you may be interested in. Remember, blogging is not dead. So, aside from typing and data entry jobs you can always start your own blog too.

Transcribing Jobs

The idea behind transcribing is taking an audio file and organizing it. So, your job is to type out whatever the individual on the video is saying. YouTube has this option for YouTube creators. Of course, it is not as accurate. I started my own YouTube channel at RunDreamachieve and have paid transcribers myself.

I also highly recommend starting your own YouTube channel. One, it is free and two, you can talk about a topic you love. Perhaps that topic is typing. There are people all over the world who would love to hear from you. Remember, always pick the right keywords when making your videos.

My top recommended software is to consider using TubeBuddy. I use TubeBuddy to find the keywords my customers are already searching in the YouTube search engine.

The good news is transcribing is a very simple job where you can earn extra income online. How to earn money online without investment by typing? Transcribing is one option to do it. Of course, it is as high of a paying job as others. That being said, it still is a way to get paid without an investment.

One drawback to transcription is you get paid per audio hour completed. So, you aren't paid for how long it takes you to actually complete the audio recording you are working on. So, it may take you over an hour to transcribe a 20 to 25 minute video. Transcription jobs are still supplemental income.


QuickTate is always looking for high quality typist such as yourself.

You can transcript audio files as well as letters and medical reports. In addition, they also hire professionals such as yourself to transcribe voicemail messages, legal notes and general reports.

The majority of the audio files you will be transcribing are not as long. So, 5 minutes or longer. One of the best things about Quicktate is that it is flexible. You request the files yourself and transcribe on your own time once hired.


Scribie is a great company and allows you to easily sign up and start transcribing. It is free to sign up. Once you do you will be able to choose which files you wish to transcribe. Again, a great option for anyone seeking to wok on their own schedule.

How to Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing
Photo Credit: Scribie

Again, transcribing doesn't pay a lot but the amount can certainly add up. So, definitely consider Scribbie.

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As mentioned above, you can easily sign up as a freelancer and start transcribing.

The good news is you can start getting paid fast. The company will send you your payments via Paypal.

You can sign up for Scribie for free here.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is another great option for you as a transcriber. Below are some of the perks and benefits of this great company

  • You create your own schedule. It is a flexible company so you work whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Paid on a weekly basis and assignments for you to work on come to you
  • Daily Transcription pay the highest rates at $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute which is higher than most of their competition. Not bad right?
  • You get to collaborate with professionals like you and learn from the very best
  • More time to devote to your family and earn cash flow from the comfort of your own home
  • Top transcriptionists at Daily Transcription make up to $950 per week or more


This company provides transcription services for highly skilled individuals such as yourself. Transcriptionist are paid up to $1.10 per audio minute. In addition, you can also be hired to be a captionist.

So, you will

  • Watch videos
  • Type what is being said as accurately as you can
  • Convey sounds creatively
  • You can also sync both your typed audio transcription with video

Closing Thoughts

You will never run out of freelance typing jobs with Rev either. The great news is that you get to work on your own schedule. So, like the others mentioned above, Rev is flexible

I hope this post on how to earn money online without investment by typing has been helpful to you. Also, keep in mind the other options that I mentioned in the 4th paragraph of this post. Scroll up and click on the how to make 2000 a month article above.

There are so many ways to generate income online. The reality is most people are simply unaware of them. Typing is just one of them.

Typing is a great way to supplement your income and the above mentioned companies are a great way to do that. That being said, don't forget the other ways of generating residual income.

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