Freedom lifestyle | 3 Rules to Living simple

Freedom lifestyle
Freedom lifestyle | 3 Rules to Living simple


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Are you seeking more information on how to create a freedom lifestyle on or offline? If so, welcome to Internet of Business.

Is there a simple, easy and free life? Such a life isn't for the faint of heart, after all. Many books have been written about life. For example, I also have a book called “The Mystery of Life and Death”. Life and death are of interest to people. That being said, to understand what it is not at all easy.

I make modest attempts to understand this. Of course, I know that I will have to get to the bottom of the essence of life and death. Yes, it isn't always easy to live simply. Also, it is easy to live hard. So, freedom is always limited by the limits of unfreedom. Is it easier for someone to be dependent? Well, it depends on if they are thinking outside the box.

Everything is already simple. That being said, it is we complicate things. Therefore, live a hard and complicated life. For many, life is not sugar, much less honey.  Perhaps following these rules will help people comprehend their life a little better.

Remember and start using them. So, start living by the rules of a simple, easy, and free existence. Well, good luck to all of us!!!

Rule 1

“You don't need it yet if you want to buy something but don't have the money to do so.”

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Knowing this guideline, you can stop wanting it and stop bothering yourself with it.  Many individuals strive to gain what they want in any way they can. They take out loans, which are now available. In addition, borrow from family, relatives or friends. Also, commit fraud, scams, theft, and even murder. Why? Well, to achieve what they want. As a result, there is an abundance of difficulties. Life is quickly burdened by them.

There are better ways to create the freedom lifestyle you seek. For example, blogging does not require a much. It may be tough for someone to begin living in the present moment.

So, we must learn to live the essentials and enjoy the pleasures of life. Is blogging dead? No. The best time to start is today. Yes, it takes time and patience. That being said, with time you can start earning residual income.

Use Leverage

Is it true that money is never enough? There is always money, but only in the amount required for the here and now. Of course, if something needs to be purchased for the future there are ways to create the income. You can start an online freedom lifestyle using Google Adsense or creating a product or course at Podia.

So, instead of wishing for better and more, wish you were better. Accumulate soul richness, mental strength, and use all of your material and financial resources for this.




The value of being in the moment is decided by its comprehension and knowledge. Basically, the “HERE AND NOW” moment is popular and widely understood.

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Some people live their lives with ambitions, plans, and objectives for the future. That being said, it is the the present that matters most. Use the resources here to help you build your freedom lifestyle online.

It turns out that the present is merely a proclaimed idea and nothing more. Does not exist in reality?However, many people believe that there is only the present and that the past and, even more so, the future do not exist. Who is it that deceives and misleads whom, I or you? Why is it vital to be in the present moment?

Rule 3


It is the moment of identifying the length of stay and the position of a specific point in a specific place and time. This is an absolutely limited time and place in the space of Eternity, very similar to precise coordinates, by which everybody and anyone may easily discover a specific point in the boundless space of Eternity if they know the specific coordinates of finding the point.

Few individuals desire to get lost in the space of Eternity and roam around in it for the rest of their life. If you always live just in the present moment, this means that you are constantly living in a severely limited location and time period, being in the public view, living among others at your permanent abode, or not being observed and seen by anybody, living in beautiful solitude as a hermit.

The present moment simply functions to determine some distinct material point in space and time, such as the human body. To exist in the present moment, in constant self-awareness, means to transcend the constraints of linear time and its laws. I repeat and say that the laws of linear time are:

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Closing Thoughts

Many other rules are derived from these four laws, which I will not list here. The person who lives consciously in the here and now is liberated from the grip of these laws, and a new life begins for him. It is important to understand that linear time is also used to divide and govern over stupid people.

You must awaken and become an outside observer for yourself in order to always live in the moment here and now. This has a very positive effect on self-knowledge and self-study of oneself, of various parts, both individually and collectively. I hope this post on how to build a freedom lifestyle has been helpful to you.

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