Digital Entrepreneurship | How to Earn Online

Digital Entrepreneurship
Digital Entrepreneurship | How to Earn Online


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Digital entrepreneurship is one of the wisest ways to start earning income online. The problem is we often times never learn about it even in business school. 78 percent of the American population are living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Well, far too many people have been taught to rely on one source of income.

What if there was a way to supplement your income more strategically? Remember, residual income is income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. Do you work a full-time or part-time job? You work for linear income. Income that is tied to your time. What happens to your paycheck the moment you stop going into work? You guessed it, it stops.

So, digital entrepreneurship provides a way to create leverage for your financial future. No, the road to lifestyle freedom will not be simple. That being said, the tips and strategies contained in this post will set you up for success.

What is the importance of digital entrepreneurship?

Digital entrepreneurship is defined as a way to create business activities. In addition, where you communicate with a larger number of customers in less time. So, your improve business intelligence by creating products that serve others and solve a need.

Creating an internet business does take time and patience. Yes, passive income exists but it will not occur overnight. They say that money doesn't grow on trees? Not true. You can grow money trees online that will sprout dollar bills if you nurture your business. In addition, you can create others revenue-generating assets that will act as branches to the tree you build.

The importance of digital entrepreneurship is it provides a way and means for ordinary people to create extraordinary wealth. Remember, an additional $500 to $1,000 USD extra per month can be life-changing to many people.

How can a digital entrepreneur be successful?

Be consistent in your work output. Also, make sure you are regularly creating both written and video content. In addition, you always want to be thinking about how can this be done without me.

How can I automate my business to work without me having to be there. Employees are not taught this concept. I have spent numerous years in the halls of academia and have never been taught leverage.

I hold an MBA from Purdue University. In addition, working on a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and am still waiting to hear about how to be a digital entrepreneur. The reality is that our business schools teach their students to be workers, not entrepreneurs.

Yes, we are taught to climb the corporate ladder. The facts are people are slowly waking up to the fact that one source of income is not enough. My goal with this post is to provide my top recommended ways for you to become a digital entrepreneur.

What are three advantages of digital entrepreneurship?

There are far more than three advantages to digital entrepreneurship but I'll discuss three.

  1. Leverage over your time

Creating a digital asset such as a course can be sold over and over again for years to come. Time freedom is not something most employees have. Why? Well, they have to report somewhere. So, their day is planned out by someone else.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a job. Jobs still serve a purpose. They pay the bills right? Digital entrepreneurship provides the producer a way to move past punching a time clock. In addition, the opportunity wake up and go to bed when you want to.

2. Sell products world-wide

As a digital product creator your reach moves past just your local area. So, you can attract people from around the world. More importantly, can help people from around the world. Remember, the key is to help others to get what they want.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care – Zig Ziglar, entrepreneur

Our focus on what we want should always be second. Also, to create a digital product that can impact the life of other people should be the #1 aim. Of course, as you help more people you, in turn, will be helped.

Financial independence

3. Financial freedom

Financial freedom is what many people are chasing. You and I were not put on this Earth to work, pay bills and die. Of course, working when it is revolved around something you love is not work. So, there are many people who work as employees who love what they do for a living.

That being said, why have so few of us been taught to work hard for money instead of how to make money work hard for us? Digital entrepreneurship provides you a way to do the latter. Remember, you and I need rest and sleep. Well, the internet does not.

So, as a digital entrepreneur you are creating products that work without you needing to be there. My goal with this post is to provide some clues how to earn while you sleep. No, it will not be easy. Of course, this is one of the main reasons many bloggers make little to no money.

The reason? It takes time and effort. In addition, consistent content creation. That being said, if you create content that people are searching for your chances of success go up.

How do I start a digital entrepreneurship?

So, before we get started let's look at some of the stats revolved around digital entrepreneurship

  • 1.3 million new users joined social media in 2020. That is 15 and half new users signing up to join social media every second of the day
  • Over 4.66 billion people are considered active internet users as of October of 2020. That is 59 percent of the world's population
  • The E-commerce industry is now set to be comprised of 65 percent of internet users in 2021
  • Consumers purchased an increase of 44 percent more money from U.S. merchants in 2020 having spent $861.12 billion USD

So, what we see here is an enormous amount of need within the marketplace. Do you have a skill set other people would pay you for? Can you help others learn a subject like math in an easier, fun way? Are you a teacher and know a topic well? Can you cook and make delicious recipes? Why not create a digital product like a course and sell it online.

It is a win-win situation. The person seeking an answer to the problem they have gets it. You, in return, are compensated for having made that product that solved their problem.

How do you become a digital entrepreneur?

Internet entrepreneurship is about you thinking outside the box. Normalcy surrounds us all. So, what are you going to do to break free of being stuck in traffic to and from work? I hope that this article impacts your life. My aim here is to first introduce the concepts of what digital entrepreneurship is.

I will then go into more specifics of how you can become your own boss. Yes, it is a catchy phrase. Here is the bad news. It takes determination, focus and tenacity to make it a reality. Digital entrepreneurship is the path to make it come to fruition and is the good news.

So, to become a digital entrepreneur you want to think about products or services you can create that sell without you needing to be there. Also, products you can share with others and earn passive income from. So, you don't necessarily have to create your own products.

That being said, you do need to find a way of how to earn sales virtually. Again, this is a new concept rarely taught in our schools. Working hard for money is the norm. Now, how do we get money to work hard for us? Remember, there is nothing simple about creating ways to earn money while you sleep.

How can I become an entrepreneur in digital marketing?

Below are some ways to become a digital marketing. One of the best ways is to consider affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you share someone else's products and earn commissions from doing so. Do you need an MBA to do this? Impressive resume or college degree?

No, a high school drop out could start earning income online provided he or she is willing to learn the skills. So, digital marketing is about product creation as well as product sharing. It is also free to sign up as an affiliate for other companies.

So, affiliate marketing is one great way to become a digital marketing entrepreneur. Of course, creating your own products is even better. Why? Well, you get paid when sales are made. Also, you have affiliates sharing your products.

So, you are utilizing the business success principle of duplication using the digital entrepreneurship concept. The good news is you don't need previous expertise and experience to get started as a digital entrepreneur.

How much does a digital entrepreneur make?

Digital entrepreneurs do not have a ceiling on their income. Do you work a full-time or part-time job? If so, you already know that you have a ceiling on your income. So, your employer will only continue to pay you if you continue to report to your place of employment. The beauty of digital entrepreneurship is you can continue to work your job and build your fortune.

So, you can work at your own pace as a digital asset creator. Also, can just focus on other avenues of revenue-creation as you work your job. Digital marketers can make anywhere from a few extra hundred US dollars to 6-figures per month or more. Again, this can become passive income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once.

The c-suite executive may have the MBA or PhD but he or she has to keep showing up to work in order to get paid. Yes, they may love what they do but they won't get paid unless they keep trading time for the paycheck. So, digital entrepreneurship is a potential path to generate income without you having to be somewhere.

Yes, financial freedom and leverage over your time does come at a cost. There is no such thing as earning money while you sleep without up-front, hard work first. So, be mindful of this. My goal with this post is not to lie to you. You are welcome to visit the about page to learn about my background. I have lived the digital lifestyle and it is far better than working for someone else.

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Digital Marketing Is Accepted by the Public

The public has accepted digital marketing much more than network marketing. I have no idea why people would rather get rich slow than get rich fast. That being said, multi-level marketing or network marketing is commonly not respected. I do respect it.

The reason being is life is short. So, you need to create a way to start earning income without you having to be somewhere and start now.

Remember, the world has been taught to work hard for money. Why are so many highly educated, motivated and driven individuals broke? Well, they have been taught an old, tired, Industrial Aged philosophy.

  • Trade 40 hours a week for a paycheck
  • Work 40 years to earn less than 50 percent of your full-time salary
  • Get by on one source of income
  • Deal with office politics
  • Be forced to participate in “forced fun” (i.e. company get togethers you really do not want to go to)
  • Be told when to report, when to take a lunch and what time you can go home for the day
  • Start over from square one the very next day

What is Needed to Become a Digital Entrepreneur


Remember, you are participating in an activity that few people do. Who doesn't want to earn passive (residual) income right? Why aren't all those people working hard at their jobs participating? Well, there are many reasons one of which is they simply have never been taught how to.

I will be covering some of my top recommended products below. Products that will help speed up yours and their learning curve. Again, the goal here is to create value for other people. Yes, you don't need to create your own products as a digital marketer. That being said, you can share other people's products and earn commissions.

So, the key is finding out the best ways to reach more people online. Remember, creating content revolved around just any topic is not wise. What good is your content if people are not searching for it? Creativity is key and finding ways to get more free, organic traffic to your website is essential.


There is a massive difference between being interested vs committed. Digital entrepreneurship is a path to your financial freedom. You cannot be merely interested in making money online. You need to be be tenacious and diligent about making this a reality in your life.

No, you don't need multiple degrees nor do you need to work 12 hours a day at this. That being said, you do need to be consistent. The beauty of internet entrepreneurship is you can work at your own time. Sure, people working full-time or part-time jobs are busy. What are you doing in your free time then?

Yes, you can make this work and there are tools within this post that will set you up for success.


Bolded for a reason. Consistency is the trait that will distance you from the status quo. No, never said being a digital entrepreneur was simple. That being said, you are working for yourself and not for someone else. So, you will be far more motivated and determined to succeed. In addition, you can work at your own pace.

Again, always focus on solving a need within the marketplace. Also, find out a way, through a digital product you create, that other people desire. As mentioned above, it be a product you create or sharing a product someone else has created.

Consistent content creation through blogging or vlogging is a great way to market your digital product. In addition, you can leverage the power of network marketing and build a home based business.

So, you can share a product that is known around the world such as Herbalife. Remember, continue to find way to add revenue-generating assets to your portfolio. The more you add the higher your chances of success online.

Desire to Solve Needs

One of the best things you can do to become a successful digital entrepreneur is help someone else. You can do this via your product or through sharing someone else's product as mentioned above. A common mistake most bloggers make is focusing on what we want. What we want isn't what counts.

So, digital entrepreneurship is a people helping people business model. There are people all over the world seeking product online. You simply share with them products that can help them answer a problem they have.

Of course, it doesn't mean you have to spend hours upon hours on your laptop to be a success. What matters most is you create and share content that people are already searching for.

Why are network marketing companies like Herbalife so successful? One, they have been at it consistently since 1980. In addition, they have health and wellness products that people need and will use over and over again.

benefits of digital entrepreneurship

There are endless benefits to digital entrepreneurship. We are just scratching the service here. Below are some additional perks and benefits in you become a digital entrepreneur.

More Time with Those You Love

Let's face it. The majority of people working full-time or part-time jobs are at their jobs because they have bills to pay. Yes, they may love what they do but truthfully, their there to make a living. In addition, they know that if they don't report to work that paycheck is not going to come in.

Worse, they will get fired and what then? Internet entrepreneurship provides a path for you have more time at home. No, it doesn't mean it will be simple and that money will start rolling in quickly. Remember, you need to have a belief in delayed gratification.

Success as a digital entrepreneur comes down to your level of work ethic and determination. The idea of making money work hard for us was never taught. The focus was always around moving up the corporate latter, getting college degrees and working hard for money.

Well, there is plenty of money to be made but limited time. Both are valuable but one is priceless. So, you need to start thinking of ways to gain leverage over your time. The problem most people have is someone else controls the hours of their day. Digital entrepreneurship fixes this.

You Decide Your Hours

As a digital entrepreneur you work your own hours. As mentioned above, you also do not have a ceiling on your income. Do you work a full-time or part-time job? If so, you have a ceiling on your income. There are only 24 hours in a day and only so much service you can provide in a day. Also, your employer pays you a specific amount.

Sure, you can get a promotion here and there. That being said, you still have a ceiling on how much money you are going to earn. Digital entrepreneurship provides a potential way to start generating supplemental income while you work your job. Of course, your goal may be to quit your job and retire early.

Yes, that can be done if you build enough assets online and help enough people. The beauty of digital entrepreneurship is you can work at your own pace. We don't have any “evaluation reports” as digital entrepreneurs. There are no college degree and work experience requirements either to intimidate you.

Cost is Much Lower

Digital entrepreneurs have far less expenses as a brick and mortar business owner. We don't have employees to hire, interview or fire. Of course, you can certainly hire a virtual assistant to help you like you can at Fiverr. That being said, the costs are relatively low to be an internet entrepreneur.

What you do need is an internet connection, personal computer or laptop. Of course, there are other costs that go into creating a website I'll discuss. That being said, these costs are low especially when you start making significant profits.

Your World-Wide Reach is Higher

A brick and mortar business owner serves his or her local area. In addition, has very large overhead costs. For example, employee payroll, utility bills and working longer hours than their employees. As a digital entrepreneur you can reach people all over the world from your laptop.

Again, how you attract people is key. Also, ensuring that you are creating either written or video content around specific keywords people already search for. One of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers making is writing about anything that comes to mind.

So, you want to reach people in other countries that are searching for search terms that are geared toward their goals. Remember, there are over 4 billion people online in 2022 and it is only going to go up.

How can you get your website, blog or service in front of more of them. So, you need to be strategic in your planning. The good news is this post will provide some options for you.

How do I start a digital entrepreneurship?

Below are the ways I would recommend you follow to become a digital entrepreneur. Of course, you don't have to do them all. That being said, if you gradually build one on top of the other your chances of success will only rise. The first step is to get your web presence online started. You do this by…

  1. Start a Blog or Website of Your Own

No, I didn't say being a digital entrepreneur takes no investments. That being said, buying your own web domain will not break your bank account. I highly recommend Siteground. I use Siteground myself for all of my websites. It is only $17.99 USD per year to buy a domain.

You will also need to host your website. Siteground only charges $3.99 USD per month to host your website. In addition, their customers service is world-class.

So, starting your own blog is a great way for people to find you online. It will be very difficult to be as effective you can be as digital entrepreneur without your own website. Also, you can add assets to your websites like…

Course Creation

2. Creating Your Own Course

A digital entrepreneur is always focused on solving a need. I use Podia to create products revolved around running and fitness at rundreamachieve. is a website I created in 2011. Podia houses all of the courses I created and have been making sales for years now.

The good news is that once the course you create is made you can continue to make sales for years to come. Yes, it will take time and effort to create your course. That being said, once complete you can continue to sell it. Again, the concept of earning passive income is unique but does require up-front work to achieve

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So, use tools like Podia. You can sign up for a free, 14-day trial of Podia here. Remember, when creating content make sure to find keywords people are searching for. Platforms like…

Keyword research

3. KWFinder..will help you find them.

I have used KWFinder for the past 11 years. So, I highly recommend them to those visiting Internet of Business. KWFinder ensures you are writing or making videos around search terms people are already looking for online. Again, you want to be found by more people.

The only way to do that is to create legitimate content. In addition, make sure the content that you are creating is what people are already searching for. So, tools like KWFinder will ensure you are setting yourself up for success.

The cost of the software use is reasonable as well. It is $49 per month but drops to $29 per month if you choose to pay annually. So, you save over $229 USD per year by going this route. I pay annually as it is the cheapest method.

Remember, this is also a business tax write off at the end of the year. Also, as your sales and profits increase the small expenditures get outweighed.

So, get started with KWFinder and start creating the right content to help you succeed.

Choosing the Right Digital Entrepreneurship Niche

There are numerous niches that you can get started in. Of course, starting in a niche you are aware of is key. Remember, you want to be able to continue to create content around a topic you have some background in. It will most certainly make the process much easier on you.

That being said, some of the most popular niches out there when it comes to entrepreneurship are:

  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Marketing blogs
  • Real estate investing
  • Fintech
  • Finance blogging
  • Network marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Health and wellness blogging

Leverage Your Strengths

Are you good at teaching a subject that other people find hard such as math? Create a course around that. Do you like to cook? Why not start a YouTube channel or create a course around that topic? So, what are you good at and have knowledge about?

How can you monetize what you know and help other people at the same time? That is a winning question right there. Remember, the key is to use your strengths and background creating content around a topic you know very well. It will make the whole process of starting your digital entrepreneurship journey that much easier.

Is There High Enough Supply and Demand?

The marketplace is a busy environment. So, never start your journey without first ensuring there is a high enough demand around your target audience. Again, the resources here at Internet of Business will ensure you find the right search terms to ensure you succeed.

A common mistake newbies make is creating content around their own ideas. You never want to create a digital product that no one is searching for. Again, the key is to do excellence keyword research first before starting. So, of all the ideas that you have which one has some legitimate demand and market fit? I would recommend

Starting a YouTube Channel

TubeBuddy is the software that I use to create my videos at the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I am a 2:19 marathoner and create video content around search terms people are seeking within YouTube.

TubeBuddy helps me to find the keywords people are already seeking within the YouTube platform. Few people realize but YouTube is a search engine. Again, it all goes back to what I have been preaching here. Make sure you pick the right keywords.

Google Trends

You can utilize Google Trends to ensure you find the most current information. For example, if your keyword is seasonal it is only going to be highly searched during a certain time of the year.

So, you want to focus your attention around digital ideas that have interest throughout the year. Health and wellness is always going to have high demand regardless what time of year it is. Gardening may not.

The key is to find topics that are evergreen. Topics that will always be of interest for years to come no matter what time of the year it is.

Become an Influencer

Use Your Social Media Outlets

That being said, don't get overwhelmed by it all. So, don't try to master 20 different platforms. Focus on one and place all your emphasis on that. My suggestion? Use Pinterest. Why? Well, it is a search engine. I invested in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. The result is I now get over 30,000 monthly visitors to one of my websites. Also, over 15,000 monthly visitors to another site I own.

Pinterest is different as compared with Facebook or Instagram. The Avalanche course teaches you how to utilize search engine optimization techniques to succeed. A facebook post or tweet is only going to last but a minutes to hours.

So, creating a Pinterest board or pin around your service or blog post will last for years. In addition, it will be free, organic traffic coming to your site. Furthermore, traffic that you don't have to pay for in advertisements. Again, always be thinking about leverage.


Be Patient

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed especially when starting out. I suggest bookmarking this post. There is a lot of information here. So, make sure to come back to reflect on the tools that are available here at Internet of Business.

Success as a digital entrepreneur takes consistent work. That being said, you don't need to be in a rush. Again, you can work at your own pace. Yes, there are influencers online earning legitimate income. That being said, they are there for a reason. They stuck to it. I have been an internet entrepreneur since 2011.

No, it has not been simple. I have invested thousands of US dollars on courses and websites. That being said, it has been well worth it. Most importantly, I have been able to impact other people's lives.

What are the ways on how digital entrepreneurs make money?

There are numerous ways to make money as a digital entrepreneur. We have touched on a few above. Here are few more to consider in your journey to start earning income online.

Google Adsense

One of the simplest ways to start generating income online. You simply upload the Adsense plugin to your WordPress blog, place your code in and ads will start to run on your site. Remember, to make a legitimate income you need to have some traffic going to your site.

Start an E-Commerce Site

There are many platforms online to help you do this. is the most popular. You can hire graphic designers at Fiverr to create designs for you. Once complete, you can have those designs places on clothing.

So, as you build your following this can be a potential new revenue stream for you.


Do you have experience with a specific topic? If so, you can utilize tools like Podia to create webinars easily via YouTube Live or Zoom. Furthermore, you can create a powerpoint presentation and once made can continue to sell it over and over again.

As mentioned above, Podia is my number one recommended source for digital entrepreneurship. In addition, they don't take any transactions fees. Also, you can create as many digital products as you wish.

You get 100% of the sale. The only money that is taken is the small fee that PayPal takes. For example, if you make a sale for $32 you will get about $29.50 after PayPal takes their small cut. That being said, Podia is awesome.

Below are some additional benefits of Podia

  • Membership Sites
  • Webinars
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Course creation
  • All credit card transactions handled by Podia
  • No transaction fees
  • You receive 100% of the sale

Try Podia out for free for 14-days here.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you not have a lot of time to create a product? Affiliate marketing allows you to share someone else's product and get paid for it. For example., I pay my affiliate a 40 percent commission on each product they sale of mine.

My Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course sells for $167. So, as a RunDreamAchieve affiliate you earn $66.80 USD every time you make a sell. Did I mention it was free to sign up as an RDA affiliate? So, affiliate marketing is a very wise decision for digital marketers as well.

Yes, you can create your own products. That being said, you can add an additional revenue stream by way of sharing other people's products.

Sign up free to become a RunDreamAchieve affiliate.

Study Search Engine Optimization

SEO is huge when it comes to digital entrepreneurship. You really have to focus hard on this in order to become successful. Again, tools like Rank Math and the 6-figure blogger course created by Alex Nurney and Lauren McManus will speed up your learning curve.

Rank Math is a plugin that will ensure your blog posts are written correctly. For example, it is important that you place your keywords in the right places on your site. Below are a few of those specific areas you need to focus on…

  • Title of blog post
  • Within the URL of the blog post (i.e.
  • Within the slug of the post itself (i.e. digital-entrepreneurship
  • Place your keyword within the meta description of your post
  • Make sure you sprinkle your keyword enough times within your post
  • Place your keyword within a graphic within your blog post

So, Rank Math will ensure your digital marketing and entrepreneurship posts are written optimally. I strongly recommend taking a look at the 6-figure blogger courses as well.


What type of entrepreneur makes the most money?

Digital entrepreneurs certainly rank high on the list. That being said, there are other niches that can potentially be very lucrative if done correctly. For example,

  • Health and wellness i.e. Herbalife
  • Finance blogging
  • Travel and lifestyle blogging
  • Real estate investing
  • Fintech industry
  • Stock trading
  • Cooking and recipe blogging
  • Gardening (yes, can be lucrative if done right)
  • Brick and mortar entrepreneurs

What education is needed to be an entrepreneur?

You don't need a college degree to become an entrepreneur. That being said, a bachelors degree or an MBA focused on business does help. Of course, these are not requirements. There are many affiliate and digital marketers online making 6 figures per month.

No, it didn't happen quickly for these people. In fact, some had to work hard several years to build up a following in order to achieve success. What do you need to be successful? You need to utilize the tools mentioned within this post.

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So, you can work hard or you can work smart. It is a personal choice that only you can make yourself. Linear income you receive at a job is still good. Yes, you may love or hate your job but you have to keep showing up in order to get paid. Again, the focus should always be of how can I automate my business to work without me.

Do you want to know why I am such an advocate for network marketing? I highly recommend to T. Harv Eker's Speed Wealth presentation below.

What to learn to become an entrepreneur?

Study what the top earners are doing and duplicate their work habits. I have mentioned several things that digital and marketing professionals focus on in this post.

For example, take some time to learn more about search engine optimization. Again, you don't want to create written or video content about anything that comes to mind.

Have a belief in delayed gratification

Most people fail because they want results too quickly. The top earners are consistent at what they do. In addition, they don't lose enthusiasm when they don't see results as quickly as they would like.

Plan your work and work your plan

So, if you plan to write 1 blog post per week then stick to that plan. Again, we have three choices in this life. Be average, good or great. How badly do you want success as a digital entrepreneur? Are you sick of trading life for a paycheck? If so, then you have to get past your past beliefs that multi-level marketing is a scam.

The real scam is working for 40 hours or more a week for 40 years to retire on 40 to 50 percent of what you couldn't live on in the first place. Am I getting through to you here? I certainly hope so.

Write down your goals

So, write down what it is you are planning to do as an entrepreneur. Make it visible so you can be reminded of what you are going for every day. Take a sticky note and place it on your mirror in your bathroom.

Write your goals down on paper and carry them in your wallet or purse. Pull it out from time to time as a reminder. How long do you want to work in order to achieve your entrepreneurial goals? What places do you want to go? How much per month do you wish to earn?

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or imagination.

Focus on Being a Coach

I am a blogging coach. That being said, I am also a health and wellness coach at as well. What is it that you love to do and talk about? Do you love the outdoors and enjoy fishing? Do you like to cook or draw?

Are you good at fixing or building things? You should revolve your blog or course around that topic. So, make sure to create the very best content then you can possibly generate. Remember, there are billions people around the world who need what you have to offer.

How many people are afraid of public speaking or hate math? You may be very good at one or or both of these areas of expertise. So, share that knowledge with others, help solve their problem and get paid for doing so. Again, a win-win situation for everybody.

I have been a runner for the past 30 years. So, I love creating content around fitness and running. I am also extremely passionate about entrepreneurship. In fact, I am working on my dissertation for my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree revolved around the entrepreneur mindset.

Decide on Your Niche

Is it health and wellness? What about finance? Are you more focused on digital entrepreneurship? Decide and take action once you have made your decision.

Do you a website or blog yet? If not, the time to get started is now. No, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a webs designer for your website.

There are plenty of beautiful WordPress themes such as Kadence. WP Engine is an outstanding platform that provides awesome themes and hosting. You may also want to check our Weebly. They have some great e-commerce options too if you want to add a shop to your website.

Buy your own website or blog

As mentioned above, the top place to get one is Of course, there are other places like and That being said, remember that you have to also have a place to host your site as well. Siteground handles all of this for you in one place.

Your blog is your start-up. It will be where everything that you create and share is housed at. Remember, utilize the tools discussed throughout this post and you cannot go wrong. Scroll up and reference the information and tools shared here.

You will be light years ahead of your competition if you do.

Focus on Your audience

What does your potential customers need and want? You always want to focus on the needs and desires of those that visit your website first. Yes, place your needs second and worry about what you want later.

Entrepreneurship is about helping other people to get what they want. The result will be you will get what you want in due time. Again, focus on creating products and services that people are already seeking out. Also, share products that have high demand and endless supply. Herbalife is a product line I share at nutritiongeeks.

Why? Well, people are seeking protein shakes and how to lose weight. These are just two of endless other areas of health and wellness. Nutrition is never going to go out of style. So, start thinking about sharing and creating products that are evergreen. The result is you will succeed.


How are you going to get the word our about your product or service? Of course, for a beginner you can focus on sharing on your social media outlets. There are nearly 3 billion people on social media today, 2.7 billion as of 2019. So, it is a location where there are endless people who potentially can find you.

Remember, tweets and social shares on Facebook will only get you so far. Scroll up and click on the link about the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. PInterest is a search engine and one that can send you free, organic traffic for years if you do it right.

Instagram is not a social media platform for long posts. Facebook is. In addition, platforms like LinkedIn is a place where you can write a longer blog post like this one.

So, find ways that will help get more visitors to your website, blog, service or product. The other recommendations is write quality content. Again, content that people are already searching within the search engines. Do not write about anything that comes to your mind.

What good will it be for you to have the best content ever written but is never found by other people? So, always be thinking of how can I work smarter rather than harder.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is focused 100 percent around answering problems that people have. In addition, it can be about writing about a specific product someone is searching for. For example, a review article about a product you invested in and are sharing with someone else.

Again, the key to content marketing is sharing information that the sector of your target market is searching for. So, you never want to just guess at what is the best keyword to write about.

Go back up and review the softwares I mentioned. You will be light years ahead of what most bloggers know about if you do.

Build Your E-mail List

They always say that the money is in the list. I believe there is some truth to that. That being said, it is more important to build a relationship with your e-mail list. How do you build an e-mail list? I would highly suggest investing in OptinMonster. Did you see the opt-in box that covered the whole screen when you landed here?

That was OptinMonster software in action. What is the purpose for this? Well, you collect e-mails so that you get to know your visitors. So, once a visitor lands on your website they may never come back again.

What happens if they sign up for your e-mail list to get more help from you on a regular basis? You can share with them other products that you like or have created and potentially make more sales.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that this post on digital entrepreneurship has been helpful to you. Yes, it does take a lot of time and effort to succeed online. That being said, if you maintain your confidence and take your time, the sky is the limit for you. No, don't try to do it all on your own either.

Remember, use the recommendations shared within this post. They will help speed up your learning curve. Residual income is a different type of income. I am a firm believer that if more people experienced it they would desire to become digital entrepreneurs.

Again, the information within this post is not taught in our school systems. Of course, earning an MBA or PhD is a great achievement. What happens if you have to work the rest of your life to pay off the debt? Yes, you have the degree desired by a major corporation but you can't stop working. Student loan debt is the only one that cannot be written off.

You can't file for bankruptcy with student loans. So, if you have them take what is written in this post to heart. Learn search engine optimization, create products, start a membership or get involved in network marketing. Lastly, commit to what it is you desire out of life. Again, you and I were not put on this Earth to get a job, pay bills and die.

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Dr. Nathan Pennington is a 2:19 marathoner, former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program earning his Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He brings over 10 years of online entrepreneurial experience in helping people learn how to blog, earn income online and build passive income streams outside of what the school system teaches.