Blogger vs WordPress for Making Money

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Blogger vs WordPress for Making Money
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Are you wondering if blogger vs WordPress for making money is the better choice? If so, welcome to Internet of Business. I am happy you have made it here. Well, both blogger and WordPress are free platforms. Of course, if you want to buy your own domain and host it I would suggest using Siteground. i used Siteground for all 4 of my websites that I own.

Blogging can be difficult and expensive: in addition to the time it takes to generate your posts, there are all the paid plugins you use, as well as the hosting and domain fees you owe to your provider. Thinking about it and wondering if “you could get compensated for it” is legal. And, if your site consistently generates thousands of views per month, it's no longer a question of if , but how .

Of course, each method for monetizing a WordPress blog necessitates a little extra effort, and there is no surefire way to get rich quick (if that were the case, there would be a lot more bloggers out there). However, there are a few tactics that, when utilized correctly, can assist you in achieving good outcomes on your own.

This article will teach you seven strategies to monetize your WordPress blog. I will explain the pros and cons of each, so that you can choose the ones that best suit your content, your editorial plan, and your audience.

How to monetize WordPress blog with AdSense?

Display advertising is frequently the simplest approach to monetise a WordPress blog. This advertisement may display as basic text ads, graphic banners of various sizes, videos, or interactive ads on your pages.

Pay per click (PPC) and pay per impression (PPI) are the two most frequent payment strategies for display adverts (PPI). A PPC model pays you every time someone clicks on a display ad on your website. So, you are paid each time a person views an ad on a page of your website.

To post display ads, you must rely on advertising networks. Advertising networks are companies that connect advertisers with websites in order to offer appropriate adverts. So, the ad network decides which ads will appear on your site and pays you for ad clicks/impressions.

Google AdSense is by far the most popular advertising network. AdSense is free. In addition, simple to set up. In addition, it allows a wide range of targeted advertising from any network.

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However, AdSense is not the only choice. Of course, there are others which give greater commissions and with more flexible requirements for becoming a partner. Adsense is great as you can place Adsense ads on blogger vs WordPress for making money.

Ads are a typical pit point for young bloggers looking to earn passive revenue from their copywriting job. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before embarking on your own venture:

  • Reputable ad networks, such as AdSense, have stringent conditions that you must achieve in order to become a partner. A typical requirement is that the blog have a pool of high-quality articles. On this basis, new bloggers are unlikely to be eligible.
  • To generate any money from display advertisements alone, you will need a significant volume of traffic. Some ad networks require a certain amount of monthly traffic just to get started.
  • Ads are rarely useful to users, and banners are typically annoying, especially if there are too many on each page: A blog that is overrun with advertisements can erode your visitors' trust.
  • Many users use AD Blocker, a software or browser extension that prevents advertisements from appearing, hence impeding ad monetization.
  • Display advertising are one of the most straightforward ways for bloggers to create passive cash. Of course, they have enough content and traffic to produce a significant number of clicks and impressions. You might use this method as a stepping stone to something more profitable.

Join an affiliate program

Affiliate programs are the second passive income possibility we'll discuss. This method, as compared to display adverts, provides a better user experience and has the potential to be more profitable. Affiliate programs provide 15% of digital marketing revenue, according to Business Insider.

Affiliates advertise third-party products in their blog content by mentioning them, praising them, and inserting specific affiliate links that visitors can use to purchase the product on the third-party website.

Your affiliate links have a unique tracking code that informs the affiliate network that the traffic is coming from your blog. You will receive a percentage of the revenue if visitors purchase a product on their website using this link identifier of yours.

Blogs are an especially successful platform for affiliate programs since they provide numerous options for affiliate link placement: you can write reviews, product comparisons, purchase suggestions, or mention the product within a post dealing with a broader topic.

With over two million affiliates, Amazon Associates is the largest player in the affiliate marketing field. With Amazon Associates, you can create affiliate links for any product on Amazon and earn money for any purchases made through your link (not just the products you promote). Placing these links in WordPress is a breeze, and there are plugins available to help you manage your Amazon links.

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Rundreamachieve Affiliate program

You can sign up for my affiliate program for free. In addition, earn a 40 percent commission on each sale you make. I create running courses at rundreamachieve and pay my affiliates for sharing them with others. So, this is an additional option to supplement your income while building your blog.

There are many other global affiliate networks, and many companies provide their own programs, in addition to Amazon: consider the products you already have on your blog, and contact the manufacturers to see if they offer affiliate chances.

Here are some pointers to help you get started with affiliate marketing on WordPress:

  • The finest bloggers who participate in these affiliate networks gain from the products they advertise. Be authentic and selective in your product offerings so that people will trust your suggestions.
  • Follow the guidelines established by your affiliate programs, and always indicate in your articles when links are affiliate links.
  • You won't make money from an affiliate program if you don't have an audience, just like you won't make money from display ads. Before including affiliate links, build a strong readership with quality content.
  • Promote products that are related to your area of expertise. You don't have to change your content to meet your monetization plan; there are plenty of affiliate networks in your niche.

Write sponsored posts

Your blog may be appealing for sponsorships. So, some companies will pay you to mention or review their items in your piece. Sure, committing full posts to a single product requires more effort on your part. That being said, you can earn far more money than through affiliate programs and display ads. Sponsored posts are placed on blogger vs WordPress for making money online.

If firms do not approach you to propose sponsored material, it is your responsibility to contact the brands seeking sponsorship. You can connect with brands you already work with if you routinely publish reviews. With an established readership, the brands you approach are considerably more likely to accept a sponsorship arrangement.

Be consistent with your sponsorship decisions and honest with your counsel and viewpoint, just like you would with affiliate marketing. You've worked hard to earn your readers' trust; don't blow it by falling short of the ideas you've conveyed.

Finally, understand the distinction between sponsored content and native advertising. Advertisers produce native adverts, which are a sort of display advertising that blends in with the rest of your content. You are the creator of sponsored content.

Sell exclusive content

After sometime blogging, you have most likely expanded your knowledge and experience on the subject matter, and you have most likely assisted your readers in doing the same. Premium content is a popular monetization method among the most experienced bloggers in the business they cover. Selling exclusive content on WordPress or blogger for making money is better suited for WordPress.

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Premium content should always be relevant to the themes you discuss on your blog. In addition, it should also provide valuable insights that go beyond the scope of your ordinary postings. So, here are a few quick samples of the various options:

Posts that can be printed: Another alternative is to turn lengthy posts into downloadable and printable PDFs that consumers can purchase. You might also include some additional bonus content in these PDFs, such as a summary, forms, or spreadsheets.

E-books: E-books are especially well-suited to blogging. They need less time and effort to develop than other types of content, are usually less expensive, and you can construct your own from past blog content.

Courses: The next stage is to provide online classes on the topics you cover. Make use of your blog content as a jumping off point and provide your information in an easily accessible way, ideally multimedia (audio or video). It will take a lot of work, but it will be well worth it. Podia is a great resource to help you create and sell courses.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few suggestions: you could create a podcast, a photo library, a live streaming and webinar service, or offer consultancy services.

However, before you can sell your premium service to readers, you must first prove your worth with free material. In addition to interesting articles on your site, you can make content like the ones described above available for free and to anyone. I hope this post on blogger vs WordPress for making money has been helpful to you.

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